Professional Speaker Nightmares: Beware of Bluetooth


As a professional speaker, I recently spoke in 2 conferences that involved the use of Webex and Zoom.

Normally, in my rehearsals with clients, there were no problems but on the actual day of the keynote delivery, things started to happen.

I was constantly logged out of Webex because I used Bluetooth to connect to my speakers (which helped me to hear myself).

It was only after 1hr of troubleshooting and just 3 mins before my keynote, I decided to disconnect Bluetooth and used a wired microphone instead. It worked like a charm.

The audience could hear me clearly, but I couldn’t hear myself. Despite this, the keynote still went very well.

In a separate incident on Zoom, halfway when I was speaking, all a sudden I couldn’t hear myself and what the client was speaking. I immediately changed the sound output to computer speakers but still couldn’t hear anything.

To resolve this, I had to ask my emcee to talk to the audience while I restarted my MacBook. I ensured that I plugged in my wired microphone and it worked really well.

After that, I made a conscious decision to use the wired microphone that I had instead of Bluetooth and it worked perfectly.

If you are a professional speaker or a person who deliver presentations, stick to wired connections and it is less stressful for you.

Conclusion: Wired connections always beat Bluetooth. There are reasons why even professional gaming still used wired LAN cables plugged into their PCs, because any small drops in the wireless connections, can cause them to lose the game.

Call me old school, although I like Bluetooth, I still prefer wired connections.

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