Kenneth Kwan CSP

Kenneth Kwan is an Author, Global Leadership and Motivational Speaker, who has spoken to over tens of thousands of people from over 40 countries on holding conversations that create possibilities and sustainable change. He has helped Multi-National Companies (MNCs) and Government Organisations shift employee mindsets to help them create proactive and high-performance cultures.

He has a unique ability to move people to be solution-focused, pay attention to signs of success and create fast action steps towards it.

Kenneth is usually engaged to deliver opening or closing keynotes at conferences. He also conducts strategic planning retreats with senior management teams to help them identify clear measurable and action steps in their planning process. Businesses who work with Kenneth say that they have achieved business results, increased staff motivation and go to market faster.

Kenneth is also no stranger to the media, having been featured in Media like Channel News Asia (CNA) and Malaysia’s Business Radio Station, BFM89.9.

Organizations like AIA, Singapore Airlines, Baxter Inc, Coca-Cola, SingHealth, Hilton Worldwide, the Singapore Government and many more have engaged Kenneth to give keynotes.

He is also a published author and his book "Small Steps To Big Changes" is a result of more than a decade of work with clients. It is used in lectures and training programs around the region.

Latest Articles


Break Down Silos: Proven Strategies to Foster Collaboration at Work

Published on 05/17/2024 under Communication /Voice, Culture, Leadership

“Your budget, not mine!” A senior leader snapped during a management meeting. This is the classic symptom of the dreaded silo mentality, a common plague in large organisations. Imagine a CFO of a sizeable European firm lamenting how, after merging his company, the once united problem-solving team became fragmented. Gone were the days of “our […]


What do you say to people who reply to you with “Don’t know”

Published on 03/28/2022 under Leadership

Have you ever gotten frustrated because the first answer to any question you ask others is “???’? ?????” What can you say to help others to answer your question? Without giving you a blank look? Most people will try to rephrase the same question differently. But here’s a different approach that could work. You can […]


Why some traditional appraisal systems are flawed?

Published on 11/12/2021 under Leadership

Most companies have some kind of yearly performance appraisal. Often, the staff’s direct supervisor will evaluate the performance of their staff over the entire year. Based on my conversations with many leaders, there are many who say that performance appraisals are quite difficult to manage. In fact, some leaders are also terrified in holding them […]


Is change is a logical process or an emotional process?

Published on 11/12/2021 under Leadership

I’ve worked with many leaders across many different countries and a lot of them feel that the change is a logical process and approach it in that way. They have conversations with team members: they talk about the future they want to achieve and describe how it looks. They talk about what’s better and different […]


How to Keep Your Organisation Solutions-Focused: Kenneth Kwan at the Philippine HR Congress

My name is Kenneth Kwan and I 'm the founder of Deep Impact. We are a company best known for helping people develop possibilities, what works and forward momentum. We have worked with individuals and teams from large global organisations and government agencies. We mainly focus on how to lead change and deliver results. Clients love working with us because we help them get what they want.