The APSS Executive Committee

A message from the President


“Our community is precious. 
Before the pandemic, we knew just about everyone.
We would sit down for a coffee or meet for lunch often.
It took a global crisis to remind us why our community matters. 
Now we have a chance to Reconnect more often.
It’s better to talk to real-life people instead of your webcam. Start experiencing the energy of a bustling in-person event rather than inside your apartment. 
For a start, let’s Rebuild old relationships and forge new ones with every chance we get. Who knows what doors will open? Opportunities like getting on to radio shows, gaining insight into signing up for a significant book deal or scoring your first 5 figure keynote speaker’s session could happen for you.
Let’s Reinvest not just our lives but the lives of others by encouraging and supporting each other, whom we can call on at a moment’s notice.
Let’s Reimagine our business as we learn new strategies and best practices at every event, so we can go back and implement all the ideas that will significantly impact our bottom line.
Let’s Redefine the main theme/topic/goal we want to focus on, depending if it’s a book we need to start writing or a speech we are currently crafting.
Let’s Reignite our passion and renew our future by growing, encouraging, developing and contributing to the speaking professionals community.
Lastly, let me Reassure you that your exco and I can’t wait to do our best to develop and raise the bar while keeping a vibrant APSS community with a rich heritage of professionalism and friendship.
Let’s Reconnect starting today. 
I know we will quickly pick up where we left off. “

Tay Guan Hin

President APSS 2022/2023