The APSS Executive Committee

A message from the President

Rise Stronger Together

Professional speaking is a gift. It is a joy. It is of course the career that many of us have chosen in APSS. Professional speaking is also privilege and responsibility. And in the last one year we have seen so many changes in the speaking industry and all of us have a goal when we look at the next few years to stronger. In APSS, we are here to help you in that goal of rising stronger and we recognize that it is not possible unless we rise stronger together. And that is the theme of my Exco and that is the theme of the community for this year. 

As we look to build stronger businesses, as we look to raise the bar on professional speaking, we also look to how we can help each other in this community because at the end of the day a rising tide lifts all boats. 

I look forward to seeing you in our many different events from ask me anything to the convention to the speakers academy and the newest initiative to scale it up. We have a very rich and vibrant community of members that has a very very strong heritage where we have stepped up and helped each other through some very difficult times and this is the year when we consolidate it and bring it together. 

Thank you so much and I look forward to seeing you soon

Dr. Tanvi Gautam

President APSS 2021/2022