Global Speakers

In 1998, the International Federation for Professional Speakers was formed. The intention was to link all current and future national speaking associations under an independent umbrella structure for increased collaboration, all with equal rights.

In 2009, the name of the association was changed to Global Speakers Federation (GSF). The mission of the GSF is to champion, support and provide resources to help develop and grow associations of professional speakers worldwide.

APSS is one of many associations that are part of the GSF. You can see all the other associations in the image at the foot of this page.

APSS’s membership of the GSF provides our members with a gateway to the global speaking profession in many markets across distant lands. The GSF website will help you access the speaking profession across borders, and support the development of our worldwide professional network.

Global connections

Get connected with GSF worldwide at the links below:

Global Associations

APSS is pleased to be affiliated with these speaking associations around the world, all of whom are proud to be members of the Global Speakers Federation.

If you are interested in setting up an association of professional speakers in your country, please visit this page to view the criteria required, and contact the Global Speakers Federation direct.