“You don’t have to be great to get started, but you have to get started to be great

– Les Brown

About us

Asia Professional Speakers Singapore (APSS) is an association whose membership is made up of subject experts who are already speaking and/or training professionally, and others who aspire to become professional speakers/trainers.

Our members are from a wide spectrum of industries and disciplines, reaching audiences as mentors, educators, trainers, consultants, authors and more.


At APSS we aim to:


At APSS we are focused on:


This refers to knowledge, skills and experience, with a particular emphasis on the application of this knowledge, these skills or experience.


This refers to the art of speaking and the use of powerful and persuasive presentations. It embodies the knowledge and skills of presenting and performing, as well as techniques for creating the proper setting for an effective presentation.


This refers to the skills needed to undertake a successful speaking business. It involves business management, sales and marketing, and the skills and techniques needed to generate income through speaking engagements and other revenue streams.


This refers to the principles or standards governing the conduct of the members of the speaking profession. It is the foundation and the summation of the three other competencies. It encompasses your reputation, character, integrity, honesty and the building of trust with all of your stakeholders.

More on the four competencies


  • We value Eloquence for it is the skill and quality of using persuasive, powerful expression and effective language.
  • For APSS, this means we value the ability to communicate a message to an audience so they not only understand the message, but also that they are not distracted by poor technique.
  • We strive to continually improve our Eloquence so that we capture interest as we communicate with clarity and confidence.
  • We value Ethics as these are the moral values and principles that govern our motivation to do what is right.
  • For APSS, this means that we value honesty, integrity, trust and good character, and we value behaving in ways consistent with these values. It also means that we reject invitations to speak or be involved with people and organisations that conduct themselves otherwise.
  • For our industry this also means that we honour the creative property of each member and we protect and honour the signature delivery styles, stories and delivery dynamics that belong to another.
  • We strive to continually behave with Ethics, dignity, professionalism and honour in the way we deal with each other both inside and outside our organisation.



  • We value Enterprise as this combines all the organisational aspects of operating a profitable business.
  • For APSS, this means we value the business of speaking and how speaking enables our members to grow their business by delivering measurable value to their clients.
  • We strive to continually develop our members’ Enterprise, business acumen and organisational leadership so that they can generate business returns that sustain their businesses and provide a healthy income for themselves, their staff and their families.
  • We value Expertise as this is the skill and wisdom attained by experience and the possession of special knowledge that is accorded authority and status by a person’s peers or the public in a specific, well-distinguished domain.
  • For APSS, this means that we encourage the growth of our members through events in which they can increase their ability to gain experience or knowledge. We also encourage members to share their skills and wisdom that may see them accorded such domain authority and status by their peers or the public.
  • As a learning community, we are participants in attracting new members and guests to our meetings and events, as this will continue to grow and contribute to our pool of knowledge and skills.
  • We strive to continually grow our Expertise, knowledge and experience by learning and participating within our community and at our meetings and events. We are active ambassadors for our community, demonstrated by the way we invite others to it and as speakers sharing our expertise beyond it.


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