Why Hire a
Professional Speaker?

If you want to ensure the success of any event, meeting or conference, it’s essential to hire the right speaker, trainer or facilitator. How can you ensure that the speaker or trainer you hire will be effective and worthwhile for your group, and will make you look good?
One way is to look first to the professionals who are not only committed enough to become members of Asia Professional Speakers Singapore and develop themselves, but who also follow our Code of Professional Ethics.
Anyone can join APSS as an Associate Member and can blog on this site. Members with listings are Professional Members, Certified Speaking Professional and CSPGlobals.

Choosing a speaker for your event

Professional Members

Professional Members of APSS must meet a set of criteria that includes a demonstrated history of professionally paid speaking engagements.

Professional Members of APSS are subject matter experts who are adept at communicating with your audience. They work very hard to combine:

  • Content that is relevant to your audience
  • Context that is appropriate to your specific industry
  • Delivery style and techniques that keep your audience energised and involved
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Certified Speaking Professional (CSP)

Some of our Professional Members are Certified Speaking Professionals. The Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation is the speaking profession’s international measure of professional platform skill.

An applicant for CSP is independently audited by an external agency. The audit evaluates five years of documented business practices including ethics, customer service, client ROI, financial review, and marketing. Applicants must present a minimum of 250 speaking engagements within this five-year period. Ratings from satisfied clients also play a significant part in choosing those who will receive the title. The CSP is awarded to professional speakers who meet all the criteria in this rigorous independent audit.

CSP Global / Global Speaking Fellow


Some of our Professional Members are also designated CSP Global or Global Speaking Fellow (GSF). It’s the same designation.

CSP Global / GSF is awarded by the Global Speakers Federation. Although the CSP is a measure of professional platform competence, it doesn’t specially focus on a speaker’s ability to successfully take their business across continents and cultures. ­This is where the CSP Global / GSF adds value. by recognizing some very specific global core competencies such as global communication, global business competency, global travel competency and global events competency which define the challenges and reality of doing business around the world. Of course, holding a CSP is the first criteria in applying for the CSP Global / GSF designation.
CSP Global

Why hire a Professional Member?

When you hire a Professional Member of Asia Professional Speakers Singapore, you are ensuring that you will get an expert who will provide a professional, engaging presentation. Most importantly, you can relax in the knowledge that you hired the best. Here are six reasons how hiring one of our speakers will benefit you.


A professional who earns his or her living speaking and training will bring the kind of wide experience that will make your event a success.


A professional who earns his or her living speaking and training will bring the kind of wide experience that will make your event a success.


Professionals will give you support material that lets you know what subjects they speak on and what types of programmes they deliver (workshops, keynote speeches, luncheon or dinner talks, etc.)

Tailor Made

Professionals will tailor their presentations to meet the particular needs of your group.


APSS Professional Members are subject matter experts who have a proven track record of professionally delivering at events.