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Guess…which is the strongest workplace learning condition?


Guess…which is the strongest workplace learning condition?

  1. Having a manager who coaches and gives feedback

  2. Being in a team that shares resources and challenges ideas

  3. A Learning-rich job that compels you to do new things

  4. Organization factors such as access to learning resources

The strongest workplace learning predictor to learning and growth is a learning-rich job that challenges you, puts you out of your comfort zone and compels you to learn to be successful.

I was initially surprised, I had thought the manager would play a key role, and was disappointed it didn’t feature more strongly. Then it made sense. If you don’t have a job with variety, or a job that forces you to learn new skills and get out of your comfort zone, then having a great manager, coach or organization could still mean you’re cruising along.

So a learning-rich job is a primary factor. This has implications on how we foster learning in organizations. Before sending people for training, teaching managers to coach or building team effectiveness, ask your people,

  • “Does your job give you variety and challenge to learn?”

  • “What would more variety and challenge look like?”

  • “What are you afraid to try?”

  • “What is your weakness?”

  • “What is something new that you have to learn to be successful?”

Then set them with more challenges – a new project, research work, teach someone else something or an expanded role. Google “future of (your field of work)”, e.g., future of HR, future of software development etc. Find out the future roles in your field and pick a relevant and interesting project.

Of course, not everyone wants variety and challenges. One of my colleagues is perfectly happy doing the same tasks repeatedly, because it gives him a sense of predictability and control. But we would not be helping this person grow. In today’s world, if we are not learning, we would be regressing.

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Written by Wendy Tan
– Author, Keynote Speaker & Managing Partner of Flame Centre | Future Skills Institute


Wendy Tan takes a holistic approach in helping teams and organizations understand the practical ways of building a conducive environment to encourage continuous learning. Wendy’s work is particularly important and relevant in the current climate with a heightened level of uncertainties. Wendy has an energetic speaking style and she offers practical advice that provide the audience with useful takeaways.

– Vivien Li, Director, Human Resources I Global Equality & Inclusion, Quest Software

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