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Leaders Always Be Vocal and Loud

Expressing your opinions and feelings is definitely a strength for someone who has executive presence, a trait important for leadership. That is not at all same as being always vocal and loud about your opinions and feelings.

The difference is that a person with executive presence expresses him or herself with assertiveness and has great foresight about the situation or person before uttering a word. They interact in a manner that builds bridges rather than walls.

In 1992 I met an amazing example of a person who has such a persona. I call him my best buddy. Alpesh Karena is the silent type but when he speaks you know truth, volume and wisdom are in his words. It is not just talk. Many times in university he had been the mediator for me when I use to explode like a volcano, he would intervene and save the day.

His “less is more” innate approach did the magic; he had the respect of all the students and factuality. The simple philosophy he goes by is that silence is a source of great strength.

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