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Don’t Come To Me With Problems, Come With Solutions

It reeks of BS the line of “Don’t come to me with problems, come with solutions”. This line is the easiest way to discourage people from speaking up about the problems they are finding tough to resolve or the ones they have no clue how to solve.

One of my line manager’s uses to say this phrase all the time. Initially it made me cringe, with time passing by the statement made me angry but now it just makes me laugh. A management and leadership mantra that is condescending and it makes team members feel inadequate about their abilities.

One of the toughest traits to work upon in executive presence is being decisive and incisive (intelligently analytical and clear-thinking). Firstly, yes it means to have the ability to get things done through thoughtful thinking. Secondly, it also means assisting the people you may be leading or influencing in developing their sense of making decisions.

That means to be their mentor, coach or guide in resolving issues or challenges that they find tough or difficult to resolve (yes, they could be simple for you but though for them). A parent, guardian or caretaker of a child holds a child’s hand when the child is learning to walk. Then they slowly let go of their hand so that the child could attempt to walk on their own. Still they are around to encourage the child and with time the child learns to be independent.

If your aim is to show a credible and memorable executive presence then you have to show them how it done and not leave them in a stressful situation.

Get the “magic wand” out and be ready to serve.

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