Rohit Roi Bassi

WHAT DO I DO FOR YOU? Helping leaders, teams and individuals in embracing conflicts, enriching relationships & tap into their emotional wisdom. Master your communication to cultivate & elevate success. Communication impacts everything.

HOW DO I DO IT? By applying the four noble truths: courage, clarity, conviction and compassion. This sharpens your mental and emotional state which strengthens your mind.

WHY DOES IT WORK? The bottom line is when communication is not mindful, you sabotage work, business, relationships thus life. Higher ability to speak & deep listening elevates all aspects of your life. You become more persuasive & influential, with greater ease eliminate conflicts & listen without prejudice.

WHAT DO CLIENTS SAY?? “Rohit is awesome! An absolute star in his field & one of the very few legit individuals in the self-development industry.” – Talal Ghandour | Managing Director at Bank of America Merrill Lynch | UAE

• Improving influencing & persuasion skills by 80%
• Closing deals that go into USD millions
• Kindle mindfulness to pass through adverse times


• Speak In Flow
• Kindle Mindfulness
• Waves of Leadership
• Reflection Leads To Perfection

• Presenting & Public Speaking With Impact
• Leadership Executive Presence
• Courageous Communication
• Soul Of Sales
• Applied Neuroscience
• Feel the Fear & Do It Anyway®

• Executive, One to One or Group coaching for the above topics

• TED – The Miracle of Compassion
• Best-Selling Author® for the book Success Mastery with Jack Canfield
• Media citation in Gulf Gourmet, Gulf Today, Zawya, BFM 89.9, Vietnam National Television, ABC, NBC, CBS News, FOX

TYPES OF BUSINESSES: Helped C-Level & Executive Leaders, Founders, Entrepreneurs, & Business Owners, Managers & Team Member
• Technology – Oracle, Canon, Honeywell
• Financial – Emirate NBD, HSBC, Visa
• Chemical & Ingredients – Univar Solutions, CPL Aromas, Cortex-Me
• Travel & Hospitality – Arabian Travel Market, Armani Hotel Dubai, Avani Hotel & Resorts
• Automotive – Harley Davidson, Mazda
• Miscellaneous – Alshaya, Baskin Robins, Drake & Scull, Bayer, Emaar, Abu Dhabi Terminals

• Mobile/WhatsApp +971(0)555532275
[email protected]

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Leadership Mortgage On Your Soul

Published on 04/27/2019 under Conflict Resolution, Innovation/Creativity, Leadership

The story goes, there was once a therapist in Hawaii who is said to have cured an entire ward of psychiatric patients considered to be criminally insane, all without seeing a single one of them for therapy. The therapist has often said it was about removing the accumulated “mortgage on your soul”. Dr. Ihaleakala Hew […]


Speaking For Free By Speakers

Published on 04/07/2019 under Branding, Finance, Leadership

“What will a horse eat if it befriends the grass?” – Ancient Asian Wisdom Yes, the pay gap happens for sure when companies or conference organisers/planners are looking to hire speakers (for a talk, training, coaching etc) for their event. Sadly, there is a pay gap between a male and a female speaker. But it does […]


Your Highness May I Present The Royal Edition of Public Speaking & Executive Presence

Published on 03/17/2019 under Leadership, Personal Development,, Presentation Skills

He was a man that was never destined to be a leader, and King George VI, the current Queen’s father, struggled with speaking from being a young boy. This was made worse by the pressure he experienced and the fear that he felt regarding speaking in public. In a story made famous around the world […]


Speak Like A TED Speaker

Published on 03/12/2019 under Communication /Voice, Leadership, Presentation Skills

To be a part of TED world is truly an amazing feeling because for me this a platform of emotional wisdom that touches many peoples brain, heart and mind. It breaks down the barriers between people and instead builds bridges for human development, sustainability, respect and wisdom. March 31, 2018, a dream comes true. I […]