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Speakers!!! Are You Ready To Accept Your Dark Side?

“Life is wonderful from time to time, but it’s also tragic,” – Svend Brinkmann

There are so many people who sell you the dream of being happy, joyful and blissful. Embroiled with their mumbo-jumbo of having a purpose, passion, goal, better health, amazing relationships, or making loads of money.

We are bombarded with talks such as:

  • Step out of your comfort zone but they forget to tell you not to enter you panic/war zone. You are meant to step into your stretch zone because if you are in your panic/war zone you could seriously damage your well-being. Do you want to damage your health?
  • If your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough. Well if your dreams are scaring you that means you are in a nightmare. So, would you really want to live a life of nightmares?
  • You need to hustle to succeed. Hustle has meanings such as a fraud or swindle, obtain illicitly or by forceful action, force (someone) to move hurriedly or unceremoniously. Is this the success you want?

There are many such quotes and we all fall for them without looking at the whole context. We are easily influenced by these words as our awareness is not amplified which means our consciousness is low. Which means most of us are using our energy in an unproductive manner.

In other words, most of us live a life of fear. The focus has been on the survival of the fittest. Unfortunately, most of the globe is fixated on Darwin’s earlier work of evolution, the core message has said to be “survival of the fittest”.

For his book, Born to Be Good: The Science of a Meaningful LifeDacher Keltner through scientific findings discovers eveCharles Darwin in his later work emphasis is on forget survival of the fittest, it is the kindness that countsDacherKeltner, probes and finds that we can live without being cutthroat.

To live a life of happiness, joy and bliss many of the so-called self-help gurus, experts, doctors, physiologists fail to address the basic. That basic being nothing will transform an individual until one accepts their own dark side.

In a world of duality, we shun away from our dark side. We have a decrepit way of segregating our actions, feelings and emotions into good or bad. As a child, we are conditioned into a duality behaviour pattern that when we enter into adulthood we find it difficult to cope with our emotions, especially the so-called “bad”, “negative”, “ugly” ones.

Most of us sweep these “bad”, “negative”, “ugly” emotions under the carpet as barely anyone is able to guide, support or assist us to pass through them. Yes indeed, we all are masters of deflectors or hiding (most of us have got a double PhD in this) from these dark emotions but find it next to impossible to pass through them.

Then the so-called spiritual gurus talk in riddles and we fall into their trap of the “soul journey”. All we know is this reality we live in. We are just about coping with our life but pretending to be fine at the outset. We splash our fake smiles all over social media and seek the next “escapism act” (such as carnal affairs, drugs, gluttony, overindulgence, debauchery, freneticism, obsession with money and much more) rather than seeking a solution.

Fake it, till you make is the mantra many follow not knowing the damage it causes to them and their loved ones. Ever wonder what if instead one follows the mantra “faith it and you will make it”

In the midst of such a life, you feel lonely and empty for some reason or for no reason at all. The loneliness and emptiness trouble you. So, you wonder why this is happening. Your conditioning from a young age manages to distract you from this through friends, family, yoga, music, work or something else.

Yet within you, the loneliness and emptiness are like a never-ending story. Your thoughts, feelings and energy focus deeply into this crazy state. You seek answers but there is no answer. And at such a point you wonder if there any point living such a life? Is there any purpose to continue with such a life?

This is when some of you break away and get to the other side for a brighter, joyful and blissful life. And many of you to this date still struggle. For some, the journey for a better now is simply easy while for many of you such is not the case. Many of you are simply standing in front of that brick wall finding a way to get to the other side.

On this journey, you all take different paths and yet all of us want to reach to the same final destination. For some of you, the journey is pleasurable however for some the journey is too arduous and exhausting. And when you are exhausted you start giving up hope, trust and faith.

You feel all the energy from within you has been sucked out. You start breaking down and every step you take just takes you to another dead end. Some of you just get up and move on. And when you do this you are in the process of finding your way to the other side of the brick wall. It is these few who pass through that brick wall and keep moving on. They somehow work out how to make their life’s brighter, beautiful and joyful. They learn to accept their dark side.

As you continue on this journey for many it seems still difficult and painful. You might say you need someone physically to be there with you for you to continue as the path is too lonely. In fact, you believe it is so lonely and lifeless that you just have no strength to move on from this point. You give up and get deeper into your dark side.

Your dream of having that brighter, beautiful and joyful life is paralysed by your fear. Your fear of loneliness, emptiness, separation and anger for things not happening your way kills your dreams and aspirations. You simply become inhumane. Your faith, trust and hope are crushed and you lack compassion. No longer are you that individual who was energized by those powerful loving dreams.

A number of you call this reality, that this is the way of the world. Is it really truly the way of the world? Just because you have been crushed does it mean you follow the same dark path as millions of people do or do you get up and make that decision to transform yourself. For it is only when you make an abundant transformation for yourself you are able to attain a brighter, beautiful and joyful life. 

Till the day you die, you will remain in learning. You never stop learning about your life. Either you can take such scenarios as your learning or decide to box them as your failures, mistakes or even success. The choice is to embrace uncertainty.

Yes, situations do occur where you are unable to have control over them. But you decide do you let these situations make you cruel, savage, brutal, severe, harsh, grim, unkind, heartless, unsympathetic, hellish, depraved, barbarous, pitiless, and un-compassionate or you rise above all this and simply become more compassionate and loving.

You have the great ability to be aware and realise your dark side. You have a strong force within you of becoming a vibration of low energy or abundant high energy. You have the power to embrace uncertainty and your dark side with compassion and love. 

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” – Nikola Tesla

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