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PIE, PIES & EGO @ Asia Professional Speakers Convention

Some of us have been given the label of an introvert. Unfortunately, many misunderstand such a persona. They are usually categorised into being non-communicative, low on energy and submissive. This is far from the truth. I prefer to say an introvert has a great appreciation for alone time. It gives them the opportunity to recharge, reflect and introspect with their inner being.

The inaccurate label of being shy, distant and being nervous is too far-fetched. They tend to hear “come out of your shell,” and such a statement towards them is very distasteful. And now when they attend a networking event such as the Asia Professional Speakers Convention many find them daunting, awkward and tough to believe they too could be a speaker, facilitator, trainer or coach.

In my lifetime, some of the most amazing speakers, facilitators, trainers or coaches I have met have been given the label introvert. The so-called introvert speaker, facilitator, trainer or coach has a great ability to observe, listen and learn from others.

They tend to sense the PIE, PIES and EGO. All, three teach them something great and with respect, they appreciate all three. Now, what are PIE, PIES and EGO? Here we go:

  • Practical
  • Inspirational
  • Energising

From the PIE person, they learn the importance of engaging, being insightful and being rational in the world we live in. PIE come from the understanding we humans are made of flesh, blood, and pain. So, we will make mistakes and that does not mean that we keep walking the path of our mistakes. Utilising the mind, heart, and soul they learn from their mistakes thus better themselves.

  • Physical
  • Intellectual
  • Emotional
  • Spiritual

PIES is something I learnt from Follow The Shade by Mukul Deva. So, the core of our existence is spiritual and around it is the PIE, that’s the outer, the crust. And when we break through the crust we get to the richness, that being the S.  They come from the perspective of being in harmony through compassion for themselves and others. For them, the act of life is living in the wisdom of the Tao. In other words, you think you are doing but you are being done.

  • Edge
  • Greatness/Good/God
  • Out

EGO is something that I came across through the works of Dr Wayne Dyer and Dr Deepak Chopra. EGO people are amazing. In essence, they have the high energy of possibilities, creativity and vision. At the same time, their own self-inflated ego for recognition, instant gratification and being in the limelight kills it for them. They focus on labels, masks and judgments rather than being the authentic person they are.

Both an introvert and extrovert could be PIE, PIES or EGO. Learning comes in many forms and shapes. And when I look back at the Asia Professional Speakers Convention I see many shades. Neither good or bad, just many of us doing our best to either improve our business, speaking style or know the industry better.

The greatest learning for me was “Mastery in Servitude” is something we as speakers, facilitators, trainers or coaches need to thrive for. This is what the Asia Professional Speakers Convention was all about. And that is what Asia Professional Speakers Singapore (APSS) tribe is all about.

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