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Leadership Mortgage On Your Soul

The story goes, there was once a therapist in Hawaii who is said to have cured an entire ward of psychiatric patients considered to be criminally insane, all without seeing a single one of them for therapy. The therapist has often said it was about removing the accumulated “mortgage on your soul”.

Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len is said to have agreed to have an office on the ward but refused to ever physically see the patients. The curing was done by looking at the charts of each patient and then turning inwards and starting work on himself – including his own feeling, thoughts and actions. Somewhat miraculously, whilst he did this it was witnessed that the patients began to heal too.

Dr. Len used the Hawaiian healing process of Ho’óponopono, which suggests that total responsibility is not just being personally responsible for what you yourself do and think – but acknowledging you are responsible for literally every single thing in your life, simply because it’s in your life.

Using this philosophy would mean that terrorist activity is your responsibility, as is the leader of your country. Anything that is in your life and impacts you in any way is your responsibility to deal with. It is not about taking the blame, all about taking 100% responsibility for what happens within you.

It may sound extreme to take responsibility for literally everything, and it’s unarguably a difficult thing to accept and live with. But Dr. Len said that to heal with Ho’óponopono ultimately means loving yourself. In order to improve your life, it’s for you to heal your life. Equally, to cure anyone else you need to cure and heal yourself to do so.

The concept of Ho’óponopono has closer links to executive presence than you may think, simply by encouraging you to hone your emotional wisdom. Using this Ho’óponopono philosophy of self-healing to heal others and accepting total responsibility for everything in your life is, at its most basic interpretation, a sign of good and effective leadership.

Have you ever heard the phrase “the buck stops with me”? If you have, you’ll likely understand this to mean that any mistake that occurs (even if made by someone else) is the sole responsibility of the leader. This is a form of total responsibility by accepting that, as leader of that business/group of people, anything and everything that takes place in that environment is your responsibility and it’s your job to solve any problems and fix any mistakes that may occur.

Through accepting total responsibility as a leader you’ll find that you are one step closer to developing executive presence, and you’ll have gained some of the greatest qualities possessed by any great leader. Leadership may be about delegation and abdication of responsibility for many people, but to those with an executive presence and the emotional wisdom to accept total responsibility, a business will likely be more successful.

Being a leader is more than sitting in an office and reading through weekly reports and telling people what to do. Leadership is about stepping up to the plate, always, and loving the business enough to take responsibility for everything that goes on within it so that it can run most effectively.

Developing executive presence could seem a long process with many challenges along the way. There are numerous factors that come into developing executive presence, and emotional wisdom is one of them. When you explore Ho’óponopono you learn how its principle philosophy can assist you in developing an amazingly excellent executive presence. It positions you firmly in the minds of those who follow you or who come into contact with you.

Emotional wisdom plays a great part in developing your executive presence, with Ho’óponopono being a centre-point for a deeper wiser outlook.

Peace be with you.

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