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What business are companies like GRAB and GOJEK in?

I was one of the leadership speakers invited at the Telkom Indonesia’s CX Summit 2019 held last week. 

I was walking to the mall from my hotel and I saw the roads congested with vehicles in Jakarta.

What was even more interesting to me was that most of them wore Grab and Gojek jackets.

If you thought that they are just a food and transport company, you are entirely wrong.

They actually aim to be a Super app like WeChat where you can access services like buying food, movie tickets, paying utility bills or sending money.

Being a Super app controls a large portion of commerce.

Being a platform is extremely powerful.

Consider Amazon, where you could almost buy everything.

This taught me that sometimes ideas just start off as a simple idea, in Grab and Gojek’s case, they copied their idea from Uber.

But over time, when you look at opportunities and listen to how you can collaborate, not compete, with other businesses, there is huge synergy to create a bigger pie.

One simple idea can turn into grander and bold ideas.

People think they need to figure everything out. Perhaps, they need to just start on a simple idea and see how it grows from there.

Here’s what you can ask your team members to help them think more:

  • How can we add more value to our clients?
  • How would they be noticing it?
  • What is a small step towards this direction?
  • What would our clients say about us when we do all these for them?

Rather than being the brilliant one to figure out everything, why not co-create possbilities with your team members. In my experience, we always get better ideas when the team thinks together in co-creating a future that serves their clients and stakeholders well.

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