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To Hire OR NOT To Hire A Professional Speaker!!!?

These days many individuals claim to be speakers.  It is great to know so many are speaking to spread a message that serves others. Unfortunately, they are a dime a dozen around of these self-proclaimed speakers or to be more specific speakers who are “fake”.

There are a few around who are truly professional speakers. The keyword being professional and yes they earn their living from speaking, speaking is their business, a means of generating revenue. But more importantly, speaking is the intervention, the master tool they use to serve their listeners.

Motivation is one something that everyone thrives to maintain all the time. Maintaining the motivation level in the heart of every person is crucial so that the tasks they perform can be carried out successfully. There are situations when interventions are required to get the motivation going. It could be the case when your team starts losing its interest from the job, the company is going through tough times, the business environment is somewhat destructive or it is simply a matter of stimulating your team (company) to get to the next level.

A catalyst is required to move forward. The need to motivate and inspire requires the hiring of the services of a professional speaker. His/her ideas emerge as a solution to reignite the motivational and inspirational flame.

What Is A Professional Speaker?

A professional speaker (also known as a motivational speaker, inspirational speaker, keynote speaker) specialises in presenting through which he/she makes a living by delivering paid speeches to a variety of groups on certain key topics.

These speeches are typically about having a better future, making more money, subject matter (example sales, service excellence, leadership, branding, creativity & innovation, storytelling, manufacturing, technology) and many more.

Typically, they carry a high repute as an expert on the subject being discussed; hence, encourages the audience to become more attentive to their own talents and abilities as well as look at the things from a different perspective.

Characteristics of A Professional Speaker

A professional speaker shares certain characteristics that make them excel in their field. They must be confident in his/her abilities, be well aware of his/her subject matter as well as be able to relate well with his/her audience. A successful inspiring speaker in one who possesses all the below-listed characteristics:

  • Personal motivation for their profession
  • Ability to connect with others
  • Powerful voice
  • Good accent and fluency in the language in which they deliver a speech
  • Good knowledge about the topic that has to be discussed
  • Dedication to self-improvement in their subject and speaking skills

A professional speaker tends to have:

  • A good website showing his/her areas of expertise
  • Videos in action (showing their delivery style and teaser of their work)
  • Free content (blogs, downloads, ebooks etc) to serve anyone who is visiting their site

Professional speakers through the years have invested time and money to develop their expertise, public speaking skills and powerful presentations required to make an event successful.

Speaking is my business. Like any business, there’s a cost involved. And a value to the customers who purchase it.” Richard Oberbruner

Role of A Professional Speaker

The key intention of a professional speaker is to inspire and motivate the listener. Their ultimate goal is to change people profoundly on a mental and emotional level. In this manner enabling them to bring about personal and professional transformations.

You can find motivational speakers delivering sessions at companies, key events, trade shows, conferences and universities. Some speakers are hired to speak as special guests while others travel a certain circuit of speaking engagements. There are also some speakers who write and sell inspirational books to better oneself. Then there are speakers who train, facilitate, mentor or coach. By diversifying in this manner, they spread their message and potentially develop multiple revenue streams.

Almost all professional speakers relate their speech with their own personal experience that somehow connects to the audiences too. They use their personal experience to inspire others so that they can face the situation more confidently and combat their situation. They speak in a variety of venues like company boardrooms, seminars, summits, community centres, schools and conferences.


Professional speakers are trusted advisors who can bring a positive practical change in your life by encouraging you to live up to your full potential. Kids, teens and adults alike benefit from what professional speakers offer.

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