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This Is Only For Senior Leaders

Unfortunately, across the globe many have a delusion and say that executive presence is for seniors, executives or leaders. The truth, it is a strength that is needed at all levels (cleaner to the CEO). A strength that could allow anyone to advance in his or her career, business and life.

In fact from a young age we need to teach our children to lead themselves in any given situation. Such an example is my colleague from my mid 20s. Ken Eder stood out in four simple (but very profound) things about executive presence. Both of us are from different backgrounds, experiences and cultures. From the moment we met there was mutual respect, rapport and trust between both of us.

The four things that stood out about his executive presence was listening with attention, critical thinking by integrating the brain, heart and mind, then there was speaking with confidence and finally it was about amplifying ones emotional intelligence. It does not matter if you labelled yourself as an introvert or an extrovert. Both labels have the ability to ooze executive presence.

Yes it is required for seniors, executives or leaders but it is a strength that is needed at all levels. Children, teenagers, women, men, parents, everyone requires executive presence.

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