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The Uber Paradox – Brand Strategy Needs Culture – What CEOs need to know


The Uber Paradox – Brand Strategy Needs Culture – What CEOs need to know

The curtains have come down on Travis Kalanick’s tenure as Uber CEO. His resignation coming on the back of pressure from investors seeking to clean up a toxic culture at the company. Reports of a cutthroat workplace culture, harassment, discrimination and questionable business tactics and the loss of key top executives have made the last few months less than an enjoyable ride for the ride-sharing company.

UBERIn the race to the top of the industry, some might say Mr Kalanick had lost touch with his Brand and his people.

The danger to many organisations in the same situation as UBER are 2 crucial factors:

  1. They have a great brand strategy for growth but it fails to reconcile itself internally
  2. Leadership is so driven to deliver their bottom-line that they forget that brand needs to drive their people and culture

Branding starts from Within and Branding begins from the TOP. Here are lessons from what UBER CEO should have done:

1. Get everyone on your leadership team aligned
The CEO is an eager brand performer, who is in love with the Brand Culture and is a great Brand Experience raconteur. The leadership team understands their drive in assisting the CEO attain these goals and is aligned to what the brand stands for within the organisation.

2. Use your brand culture to your advantage
The CEO recognizes that having a Brand Culture lessens commercial menace, shields the firm in during disaster and offers the mutual drive to bond every firm’s stakeholders. There must be recognition that the employees are driven to understand what the brand stands for and to deliver this. Every single touchpoint must drive the values of the brand. The culture needs to bond every employee to the brand and a One Voice, One Brand culture needs to be consistently communication internally and externally.

3. Keep your people aligned to the brand
The CEO recognizes the importance of Internal Branding and ensures that the brand internally is measured, communicated and strengthened across all key internal touchpoints. Every employee needs to be aligned and moving in a direction that is aligned to the brand. Checks are in place to ensure employees are committed and motivated and strategies are put in place when gaps or misalignment takes place.

Remember that Brand Strategy needs to be aggressively supported by an Internal Brand Culture. Get the wrong and it will impact your brand. The duty falls not just on the leaders of the organisation to deliver a branded culture but every single employee who need to champion and advocate the brand. Remember Brand Strategy needs Brand Culture. For more information on how you can align your Brand Strategy to Internal Branding do reach out to us. Contact us to hear about our successful Internal Branding approach and creation of Branded Cultures for over 1000 organisations globally.

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