Jerome Joseph

Dr Jerome Joseph, CSP, Global Speaking Fellow, HoF, is a brand experience strategist, brand coach and best-selling author of 8 books on branding. Dr Jerome Joseph was ranked No 2 in the Word as a Global Brand Thought leader and in 2022 was also awarded Asia Professional Speaker Hall of Fame for lifetime achievements in Speaking.

With more than 25 years of branding experience under his belt and delivering programs in 35 countries, Jerome is a master in innovative brand differentiation and creating extraordinary branded experiences. Jerome runs programs and keynotes ranging from Internal Branding , Brand Mastery, Branded Customer Experience, Personal Branding and Asian Brand Strategy.

Dr Jerome has impacted more than 1000 brands in over 35 countries. His past experience as CEO of a Public Listed Brand Agency has led to his cutting-edge thinking, solid case studies and systematic approach to brand building have enthralled audiences all around the world, making each of his programs a truly memorable one. His love for story-telling and talent for distilling experiences into succinct, bite-sized lessons has garnered rave reviews from clients.

Jerome is also an accredited Professional Management Consultant (PMC), a designation for top tier management consultants as well as a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), a designation awarded to the top 12% speakers in the world and a CSPGlobal. As a CSPGlobal, he is one of the top 0.05% of Speakers to hold this highly prestigious designation globally.

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