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The Sustainability a journey for successful future

As technologies evolving rapidly, the dynamics of conducting business has demanding change effect in many fronts, to sustaining market position and leading is very crucial aspect for every industry for future survival.

Competitive advantage, governess and nature care are the building blocks for sustainable business in years to come, all these factors will be narrowed down to business leadership and vision which in turn will also shape your Sustainable Leadership fitness to address the future.

In every successful transformation effort, the change leader develops a roadmap of the future that is compelling, easy to communicate and appeals to stakeholders. Creating a sustainability vision goes beyond Business Planning rounds, which are typically five-year cycles. A good sustainability vision says something that clarify the direction in which an organization needs to move. Eventually, it sets the foundation for the strategy for achieves the outcomes desired by the vision.


Strategy for sustainability is of

  1. Identifying mega-forces which will affect the business in long term, customers, suppliers and operating environment over the next 5 – 10 years
  2. Ways to adapt and influence these sustainability forces in a positive way in the organization
  3. Create an environment & ambition which will be create a win- win situation for organization, customers and broader society


Major factors which initiate the drive to sustainability are Technology, Talent and Transformation (Called as 3T formula for sustainability)

Technology: Evolving technologies and industrial revolution 4.0 forced conventional technology driven companies to adopt new technologies to stay competitive in the market place, having said this, adopting to the new technologies is an imperative to once business success and sustainability.

Talent : Keeping phase with technologies and right human talent has become priority of the decade due to tremendous development and quick obsolete of technologies. Bringing on board and retaining right talent is a key for future sustainable journey story as a precursor.

Transformation: The mindset of the organizations is the key for the transformation, many organizations never be willing to change their conventional thought process, process and procedures which leads to a short success however it does not take them to long way in future. Transformation is required in calibrated way with de-risking using technologies for long term sustainability.  Ex : From operational focus to value chain/External focus, modest  improvements to bold & accelerated actions, independent approach to collaborative approach, micromanagement to empowered approach…..

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