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Mr Tentu Venkataramana a Global Leadership Coach, Motivational speaker, Management trainer, and an Organizational development/Culture Transformation Expert.

A corporate leader (CEO) & engineering professional having 31 years of expertise in manufacturing technologies, Quality systems and human capital development across counties and industries…

A management graduate from Indian institute of Management, Indore, India, developed innovative technologies, inspired teams and scaled ordinary to extraordinary in great corporates like Bharat Heavy Electrical Ltd (BHEL) and Larsen & toubro (L&T) primarily dealing with iron, steel and secondary manufacturing sectors

Speaks on diversified topics across globe carrying 10,000 hrs of speaking experience, acts as key note speaker & panelist of prestigious platforms of Economics times (India), Manufacturing today (India), Times of India, International forge master meet (Various countries),SIT Down(Australia), IIM & IIT’s (India), International quality circle forum(USA. Indonesia, India, Nepal & China), Confederation of Indian Industries (CII-India) ……

The major topics covered are motivational, behavioral, leadership, management tomorrow, team building, conflict management apart from core manufacturing/technological topics.

Tentu Venkataramana is two-time recipient of award from President of India for Innovative energy conservation technologies in 2015 & 2017. He has featured in a range of media – representing in capacity as the KeyNote – incl. times of India & FM radio talk shows.

A book is under publication “Re write your future”

Latest Articles


Golden 12’S for Quality

Published on 11/20/2022 under Branding, Customer Service, Organisation Development, Strategy

Quality month and its prospective (Golden 12’S)…… Quality month has been celebrated in the month of November for many years however the meaning & Perception of quality has been changing every now and then quite regularly. Even after industrial revolutions 1,2&3 and 4th being on the verge of pass through, many organizations across boarders still […]


The Sustainability a journey for successful future

Published on 10/13/2022 under Organisation Development

As technologies evolving rapidly, the dynamics of conducting business has demanding change effect in many fronts, to sustaining market position and leading is very crucial aspect for every industry for future survival. Competitive advantage, governess and nature care are the building blocks for sustainable business in years to come, all these factors will be narrowed […]


“From Customer delight to satisfaction of latent desire”

Published on 09/11/2022 under Branding, Customer Service, Organisation Development

Customers are principal partners of an organisation (Suppliers company), these partners may be with you in permanent nature for long duration or for shorter term or only one time, how long the customer stays with you completely depends on your organisational intent and your approach towards product quality, cost, services and value additions to product […]