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President Barack Obama, “Power of Three” & Presentation

President Barack Obama is a great example of showing how to practically use the “Power of Three”.

With the use of “Power of Three”, he has the amazing ability that allows the listener to see, feel and hear the passion and authenticity in what he does. He allows the listener to participate, engage, reflect on what he says.

“Power of Three” is simply beautiful and magical. It somehow gives you the ability to remember things with ease and comfort. More importantly, it allows you to connect with your listener. Throughout history, the “Power of Three” has been used to communicate the message with clarity.

Such examples being The Three Musketeers, The Holy Trinity (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit), The Three Wise Men (who visited infant Jesus), Trimurti/Tridev (it is trinity in the Hindu faith). A close friend of mine informed me in Islam there are the Three Levels of Faith know as Islam, Eiman, and I’hsan.

In fact, you hear it when people say “wishes come in three”, then there is the Triune Brain Theory and how we can forget the geometrical sturdiness of a triangle used to build impressive structures around the world such as the Pyramids. “Power of Three” resonates with our existence.

Next time you listen to President Barack Obama notice the nine different ways he is using “Power of Three”:

  1. Trinity of “I” – It is very evident that he takes the responsibility to inspire, inform and influence his listeners. He knows the only reason he is standing giving a talk is for the listener. He gives them the due respect as they have taken their precious time out to listen to him. He displays a genuine deep sense of humility.
  2. VAK – He has a great ability to relate to others. Yes, he has the charisma in creating, building and developing that rapport. The essence of rapport is about genuine trust, respect, understanding, and cooperation. All of this involves the use of the three crucial senses that being visual, auditory and kinesthetic. Next time observe his speech. You will see how he paints that picture for you, listen how his voice is commanding never demanding and notice how he connects with your feelings.
  3. VWB – President Obama’s foundation is very strong, that being his communication skills. The way he uses his voice, words and body language. His voice volume, pitch, and tone are working in sync. The voice projection, pace, and speed are perfect. And is awesome at emphasising, pausing and being silent at the right time. The words he uses are courteous, understandable at all levels and thought-provoking. His appearance and dress sense is adaptable to the occasion. And with great confident posture and bearing, he interacts with the listener. To top it up with his facial expressions and eye contact he engages with the listener.
  4. Less Is More – President Obama he gets to the point, there is no hesitation in what he has to say. He is clear, concise and courteous all at the same time. With assertiveness, he delivers the message. With a less is more approach he ensures three things. These are being to make the talk relevant, interesting and bringing life to it.
  5. IKO– Without a doubt, he is one of the greatest of all speakers. You see he is amazing at using the IKO Principles. Firstly he is composed and calm, he is connected with his inner self. His focus is on creating and managing a productive mindset. The knowledge he projects is clearly structured, has great flow and easy to understand. His outer self is flawless. In other words, his verbal, non-verbal communication such as words, breathing and voice are well integrated and work in harmony.
  6. The B3 Formula – By utilising the formula President Obama ensures to involve, engage and enablehis listeners. Just like a book, movie or a story he develops balance and integration in his talk through this formula. Using the formula he brings the talk to life, which means the start/ beginning is with a BANG, the middle/ centre erupts with numerous BANGS and theend/ conclusion ends with a final BANG. In other words, he makes his listener see, feel and hear a spectacular fireworks symphony.
  7. FED – These bangs are a mixture of facts, emotions, and data. And he does all of this through storytelling, humour, words, voice, and his body language to grab the attention of his listeners. Using facts, emotions, and data he takes a listener on a journey. He will tell stories from his own life or from the people in the public or real life incidents that have happened. And these stories are interlaced with facts, emotions, and data.
  8. Crystal Clear Message – President Obama is not the one who rants about things during his talk. With great finesse, he delivers a crystal clear message. The key message of his talk is there at the start/ beginning, the middle/ centre, and at the end/ conclusion. To have a crystal clear message he implements three things. These are using the right words, shorter sentences and eliminating jargon.
  9. UPB – He clearly relates to his listeners. Yes, he builds and develops a rapport with them, he exuberates genuine trust and respect and is able to establish understanding and cooperation. Somehow he is able to show the VALUE through his talk. In other words, his talk makes the listener feel, see and hear that there is something in for them. He focuses on the Unique Perceived Benefit.It means he sees, feels and hears things from the perspective of the listener “What is that he could offer/ do for them which is of value to them? What does value mean to them?” He knows the listener is thinking WIIFM, which means “What’s in it for me?” He knows it is not about the listener being selfish. In fact, it is about him giving his best to able to deliver a message that will be informative, influential or inspiring to the listener.

Many other speakers such as Steve Jobs took the same approach in their talks. Speaking in front of any size audience or the top brass could be extremely painful for many. Understandably, it can be overwhelming and frightening to stand in front of everyone and speak your mind, even if you have already rehearsed what you will say.

Use the “Power of Three” to deliver your talk like the many great speakers of the world.

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