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How to keep your Sales Team Motivated

Sales Motivation

Motivation comes from the root word ‘motive’ which means ‘finding a reason to’. In order to get your sales force motivated, they need to find a reason to be motivated.

Usually, salespeople are driven by financial incentives and many businesses already have some form of financial rewards scheme in place.

Motivation is also generated when the salesperson has new tools or new information which the can apply in their field. It is like a person going to a hardware store and buying a new tool. He comes home excited and wants to try the new tool immediately. So, new skill sets excite salespeople, it keeps their job fresh and offers new challenges.

Sales motivation also happens when the sales professional raise their level of ambition. The mindset must be continually renewed as the leapfrog on one level to another. The game actually changes significantly from a novice salesperson to an experience salesperson to a veteran in the industry. At each level, new skill sets are required and new mindsets conceived.

It is also useful to have some of the following conditions available to keep your sales team motivated, here is the checklist.

– Selling products which they believe in

– Team Leader who are encouraging and motivating

– Allow individuals to play by their strengths and not on their weaknesses

– A path which allows the individual to materialise their personal goals

– Realistic and achievable targets

– Listen to them, let them tell you what they are looking for

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