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Christian Chua CSP

Area of expertise:

Niche: Powerful Business motivator, entertaining and thought-provoking.
Perfect for Sales meetings, conventions, and awards ceremonies.

1) Sales and Business Motivation
Title: The audacity to Win
Title: Getting Sales referrals like rainfall
Title: Sales Conversation that leads to Sales conversion

2) Body Language and Face profiling
Title: I can hear what you are not saying

3) Entertaining and thought-provoking keynote speaker on various topics including human behaviours and change.
Title: Mindshift
Title: Dealing with difficult people

– First Singaporean Motivator to be invited to Global MDRT summit to deliver a Speech –

– First Locally born Singaporean to achieve CSP accreditation

– First Singaporean to be certified in a particular field of physiognomy –

Christian Chua is an international master class motivator. He is well respected for his expertise in Business Motivation, People Skills, Sales Motivation, Communication and Body Language expert. Christian has also authored seven successful books, including the hugely popular ‘How to be a Success Magnet’, ‘Making a Fortune while Sipping Coffee’ and ‘The Referability Factor’. He has been featured in the media regularly, from the radio, television and the Internet to magazines and newspapers. His articles have been published in The Straits Times and other periodicals. He has helped thousands of individuals achieve success in their lives.

He has spoken to over a quarter of a million people and has literally changed the lives of thousands of people in over 40 cities around the world.

With over 25 years of professional speaking experience, he incorporates good, clean humour in all his presentations. Coupled with cutting-edge content he has established himself as a choice speaker for local and international events.

Most notably, Christian has been accredited with the title Certified Speaking Professional by the National Speakers’ Association of America. He is one of only a small number of Singaporeans ever to achieve this accreditation.

Christian uses his quick wit and humour and engages his audience easily.

He was the President of the Asia Professional Speakers Association (Singapore) 2008/09 and it was in this capacity that he represented Singapore at the Global Speakers Federation (GSF) meeting in New York.

In May 2015, he had the privilege of speaking to royalty, the Princess of Brunei and subsequently had the privilege of having a Royal audience with her majesty.

Christian began as an entrepreneur at the age of 23. He turned a $2 start-up into a thriving million-dollar business. Using his amazing business acumen, he is not a speaker which speaks something that is read off a book, but he has powerful life experiences of which these lessons the audience must hear.

During the Historical meeting between President Trump and President Kim held in Singapore, he was the go-to guy and was approached by 9 TV stations and newspapers for his analysis.

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Christian Chua
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