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Golden 12’S for Quality

Quality month and its prospective (Golden 12’S)……

Quality month has been celebrated in the month of November for many years however the meaning & Perception of quality has been changing every now and then quite regularly.

Even after industrial revolutions 1,2&3 and 4th being on the verge of pass through, many organizations across boarders still believe firmly that quality is for the product and meeting customer requirements, undoubtedly many of them are not in phase with disruptive trends and feels confident of their survival on traditional age-old methods….

Quality month is the reminder every year to look in the backyard of every establishment and mirror image their quality philosophies, it is an opportunity for leadership to show case their commitments and engage all stakeholders to their vision of quality.

Industry 4.0, Quality 4.0 & Loyalty 4.0 explicitly talks about necessity of aligning organizations to modern quality trends/Digitalization/Digitization/Big-data/Clouding/ networking/Data sharing.

Quality is not only product related and is much beyond, the quality as whole can be classified into two horizons Vertical & Horizontal, which frankly speaking does not have intersection points or termination points, that will give great control to maintain a market leadership seamless by piercing the competition. Which are called “Golden 12’S for long term business sustainability.


Horizontal horizons (ACRPPA) Vertical horizons (SCASMR)
1.    Approach

2.    Communication

3.    Resources

4.    Processes

5.    People

6.    Assurances

1.     Service

2.     Customer delight

3.     After sale connect

4.      Sustainability alignment

5.      Make parallel into customer vision

6.      Relationship with the society

Every growth aspiring organization need to follow Golden 12’S to maintain market leadership, positioning themselves well in business segment for long and serve the community as they grow.

Quality month is an occasion to take an oath to go hand in hand with Customers, stakeholders and community (CSC) to make respective nations as bench mark nations for product and services for many years to come.

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