Four Questions To Ask in Your Weekly Meetings



Let’s face it, as a leader, you don’t have a lot of time to spend on having lengthy conversations with every single team member. You are swarmed with many meetings, deadlines and other urgent things that consistently pop out.

You know that weekly conversations are important to align work deliverables to your outcomes. But how can you do it in a quick and supportive way?

Here are four questions that you can ask every week that takes less than 10 minutes:

1. What is something at work that you are proud of last week?

This question helps to describe accomplishments and wins, which is useful for improving morale and satisfaction.

2. How did you/they manage to do that?

This question suggests that your colleague did something correct to affect a positive outcome and it did not come by chance. It also brings to the attention that certain tactics can be repeated to get good results.

3. What are your priorities for this week?

This helps your colleague identify what is important and needs his/her attention.

4. How can I help?

The last question shows that you care and help others to reflect on what kind of support they need from you to succeed at their task.

You will realise that just by asking such questions and listening to their answers, your team members will know that you care and are there to support them.



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