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Food as a networking instrument

What to eat to communicate effectively

A lot of things affect the efficiency of networking, even the food that you eat before an event. Here is some advice regarding healthy networking nutrition:

1. Don’t eat any heavy meals before an event (e.g. fatty meat, fast food, pastry, etc). Otherwise you will feel sleepy and it will be hard for you to engage in conversations. Instead choose a light salad or a vegetable soup.

2. Refrain from meals with garlic or onion before an event. Your fresh breath guarantees a pleasant talk. Therefore, be thoughtful of those who you will talk to.

3. Don’t forget to drink a lot of water. This advice can be used in your everyday life too. First, water is the best source of energy. Second, it will not only improve your health but also your appearance since it’s good for your skin. And you definitely want to look your best at an event.

Europeans have similar views on food and eating rules. But what should you do if you come, let’s say, to an Asian country with its exotic cuisine and special culinary traditions? The best option is to ask a local to guide you through these traditions. And of course, be open and amiable – don’t hesitate to ask what and how to eat.

Some recipes and traditions associated with them are worth special attention. For example, Yusheng salad, also known as the salad of luck and happiness, is extremely popular in Singapore. It is believed that both luck and happiness come to you after you eat it. This salad with raw fish and vegetables is cooked for the Oriental New Year, with all guests of the feast participating.

Guests of a Singapore restaurant are ready to mix the Yusheng salad 
Photo by Gil Petersil

In a restaurant it looks like this.

A waiter puts all ingredients on the plate, announcing the meaning of each ingredient and accompanying the process with best wishes. Then the guests mix the salad, trying to lift or toss fish and vegetables as high as possible. It is considered that the higher you toss the ingredients the quicker you will find luck and prosperity.

Such amusing traditions obviously bring people together and facilitate efficient networking. So, when you host international guests next time, think about interesting traditions of your local cuisine that you can introduce them to.

Scribing by Alexander Zotkin

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