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Gil Petersil

Gil Petersil, Communication & Strategic Networking Expert
Gil is a communication and strategic networking expert with over 20 years of business experience as a serial entrepreneur and a business coach for 200+ companies spanning across diverse business industries.

After living, studying and working in Israel, Canada, England and Russia, Gil uses his broad knowledge in effective communication, customer engagement, marketing mindset and business experience to enable people and consequently organisations flourish through the mastery of strategic networking.

Known as the Networking Guru, Gil also has a deep passion for Education and a vision to disrupt the global school systems, through Edutainment & Gamification methodologies. He enjoys working with universities and high schools to increase awareness about entrepreneurship

More information about Gil's activities:

Leading networking expert in Europe
Co-owner of 15 businesses
Lived and developed businesses in Israel, Canada, USA, Great Britain, Russia and Singapore
Shared the stage with such world-class speakers as Brian Tracy, Michael Roach, Keith Ferrazzi, Allan Pease, David Allan, Jordan Belfort, also known as The Wolf of Wall Street
Took part as a speaker in over 200+ international events and taught Mastery of Networking to over 35 000 people all over the world

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Latest Articles


Because we are a team!

Published on 03/07/2017 under Productivity

Reasons to attend events together This may be one of the most famous networking tips: bring a friend or a colleague to the event. What for? First, you worry less when you are not alone. Especially if you are an introvert, a good friend’s support is essential for you. Besides, there are some networking tips […]


From acquaintance to partnership

Published on 03/07/2017 under Personal Development,

6 Levels of the Networking Funnel In this digital era we are used to have friends in social networks and chat in instant messengers. You may think that 3000 Facebook contacts are your real friends. Actually most of them are strangers to you. If you need not just contacts but partners, helpers and friends, you […]


Food as a networking instrument

Published on 03/07/2017 under Culture, Personal Development,

What to eat to communicate effectively A lot of things affect the efficiency of networking, even the food that you eat before an event. Here is some advice regarding healthy networking nutrition: 1. Don’t eat any heavy meals before an event (e.g. fatty meat, fast food, pastry, etc). Otherwise you will feel sleepy and it will […]


The Mastery of Storytelling

Published on 03/07/2017 under Communication /Voice

How to engage people with personal stories Why, do you think, TV shows about celebrities have such high ratings? Because someone else’s personal life is always interesting. It is an immanent characteristics of human psychology. Even if you are not a rock star, your personal life and your stories are interesting too. You can use […]