Because we are a team!

Reasons to attend events together

This may be one of the most famous networking tips: bring a friend or a colleague to the event. What for? First, you worry less when you are not alone. Especially if you are an introvert, a good friend’s support is essential for you. Besides, there are some networking tips that you may need your partner to help with.

1. A partner will help you recall the names

Sometimes you meet a person at the event whose face is familiar but you don’t remember his or her name. If you have a partner nearby you can ask him whether they have met before. This phrase is some sort of a secret code, a signal to your partner to introduce himself to your opponent and let him introduce too. So, here is the name you have forgotten, and you can keep further communication.

2. With a partner you get more opportunities to meet new people

It is much easier to meet people if  they were introduced to you by your mutual friend.  Introduce your partner to people you know and let him   introduce you to his circle of acquaintances. It is important to note that, introducing your partner to other people, you get additional weight and significance at the event.

3. You have a mutual “chance for rescue”

Let’s face it: some attendees at the event can be extremely talkative. When they see you as a sympathetic listener they are ready to keep you for hours. Not everyone can end a conversation in time. In this case your partner can save you — for example, lead you away, saying: «Sorry to interrupt you but I need to steal my colleague/partner/friend for a while». You can do the same for your partner. You can invent a legitimate excuse, for example, say that you need this person for an important discussion.

4. You can increase your ”coverage”

Simple advice: enter the room and start moving in different directions with your partner. For example, you start connecting with people clockwise, your partner — counterclockwise. Moving in different directions, you will meet more people and introduce each other to them.

5. Learn rules of correct teamwork

You have already understood that teamwork doesn’t mean you have to stick together always and talk only to each other. Funny thing but many people really do so at events. Teamwork means mutual efforts that increase networking effectiveness. It means helping each other and introducing each other to various people.

Enjoy strategic partnership at events and evaluate the result you get from it.

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