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Marianna Pascal CSP

For over 20 years, Canadian and former professional actor, Marianna Pascal has been helping Asian professionals achieve greater success in life by communicating with confidence. She has increased the confidence of employees of MNCs throughout South-East Asia in presenting, speaking up, handling difficult conversations and writing.

Style: Humourous, dynamic, engaging, insiring stories, animated, interactive

A few accomplishments

Viral speaker. Youtube speech titled "Local English or Standard English" has been seen by over 1,000,000 people worldwide.
Award-winning speaker: 2-time district champion
TedX speaker with several talks on confidence in using English in the workplace
Official Communication Trainer for Miss Malaysia World
Author of Malaysia’s most popular 4-book series, English Fast & Easy - #2 on Borders’ best-seller list for non-fiction
Married to a Malaysian for 15 years, and with a Chinese-educated daughter, she is known for her deep understanding of local culture, ability to speak Malay, and passion for enabling even basic-level English speakers to speak up with confidence.

“I was glued to my seat and enjoyed your presentation. Brilliant.”
Suhaimi Sulaiman , CEO Astro
"Ms. Pascal is a master of her craft and an electrifying spokesperson as well."
May Ling - University of Dallas, Texas

“Marianna is the consummate professional in designing and delivering the right program for her audience, and deliver great results.”
Koo Phaik Jin – Head of Talent & Organization Development Human Resources UOB Malaysia.

"Marianna simply rocked the house! Her speech was well organised, to the point, engaging, humorous and was so mesmerising. Even though she spoke just after lunch, she could hold the attention of everyone - nonstop! "
Nishant Kasibhatla - Guiness Record Holder: Grand Master of Memory
“Engaging...meaningful... Without a doubt, what transpired today will go a long way in positively shaping the culture. ”
Amos Goh - School Staff Developer Chung Cheng High School, Singapore
"A master in her craft. The very interactive style of the workshop and the individual attention Marianna gave each of the trainees made it so interesting. I was very impressed."
Vandana Hari Head of HR Platts McGraw Hill Financial

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