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Marianna Pascal CSP

Canadian former actor, Marianna Pascal helps high potentials and leaders move others to action with their words. Her speciality is overcoming the communication challenges MNCs face when stakeholders come from diverse backgrounds.

One of the 50 most watched TEDx Talk speakers in history
27 million viewers on Youtube including 17 million in China.
World Championship of Public Speaking semifinalist
Voted one of The 10 Favourite Female Speakers worldwide along with Oprah Winfrey, Brene Brown, and Indira Gandhi (Toastmasters International)
#2 on Borders Bestseller List for Non-fiction with her book series, English Fast & Easy,

Marianna’s is widely known for her humorous, interactive style. Married to a Chinese Malaysian for 15 years, with a Chinese-educated daughter, Marianna is a true authority on what works when it comes to raising the communication standards in the Asian workplace.

Latest Articles


How To Speak Up Without Stress

Published on 03/24/2018 under Communication /Voice, Customer Service, Presentation Skills

Imagine, you’re in a meeting. You’ve got an insight to share. You wait for the right moment: maybe a pause in the conversation. You listen carefully as others exchange ideas back and forth. Finally, the right moment comes! You lean forward and open your mouth… and then you close it. The meeting ends, and you […]


The Power Of The Pause

Published on 03/24/2018 under Presentation Skills

I have been teaching presentation skills for years. What I notice time and time again is this: Speakers dread pauses. Audiences love pauses. Why Do Speakers Dread Pauses? Often, it’s because they feel that if they pause, they will seem boring. They may also worry that a pause signifies they have forgotten or just don’t […]


2 Common Barriers To Building Ideas

Published on 03/24/2018 under Communication /Voice, Project Management

Many years ago, I borrowed 20 dollars from a colleague. I’m embarrassed to say that I completely forgot about it. Many months later, my colleague told me he’d felt upset that I never paid him back even though he was sure I’d probably just forgotten. When I asked him why he never just asked me […]


How To Ask Sensitive Questions

Published on 03/24/2018 under Communication /Voice, Conflict Resolution, Customer Service

When someone is talking to you, do you spend more time thinking about how you’re going to respond, or what they really feel, mean and want? If you’re like most people, you spend  more than twice as much energy planning your response. Most of us just listen to get the gist of what the other person […]


Learning a language? Speak it Like You're Playing a Video Game