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3 Ways You Can Speak With Influence

I spoke in the inaugural Speaker’s Club organised by the Maldives HR Professionals (MAHRP) two months ago. I am really impressed by how hungry they are in wanting to spend the night from 8:00 to 10:30pm to learn how to speak with influence.

Being a leadership speaker for 12 years, from platforms as small as 7 people to over 2500 people, here are my suggestions:

1. Focus on your inner theme.

Speak on what excites you and something that you can even do without anyone paying you money to do it. It could also be something that you are frustrated about and want to see changes in that area.

2. Polarity positioning.

Most speakers speak on topics that are ‘common’ and others have probably heard. I suggest you focus on one key area that goes against common wisdom and look for a weak spot in it. Zero in on that weak spot and make your case against it. This makes you stand out. You won’t get everyone to agree with you, but that means that you will get known for it.

For example, while a lot of people talk about taking big steps to change your life or work issues, I advocate the exact opposite. Taking small steps is sustainable, easy and builds momentum fast. When people win small, they want to win more. This makes me stand out instantly from others.

3. Storytelling is extremely important in influencing others.

When you tell stories, you actually turn an idea and “humanise” it. This makes your ideas connect to the human soul easily.

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