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Socially Distanced – Heart Connected.

Yes – I am a trainer and speaker but I am not writing this article to sell another speech. I am not using the current crisis to shift product because I need another place to sell in these tough times.

I am writing because I am first and foremost a human being connected in community with the rest of the world, and I have some ideas that have helped me and may help others.

I see many of my brothers and sisters yearning for connection and afraid of social distancing and loneliness. I write to let the world remember that although we are Socially Distancedwe are always Heart Connected.

I fundamentally believe that the mindset Socially Distanced – Heart Connected is the way forward for this world of ours at this time when we are called upon to work alongside and help each other. 

There are so many amazing examples of believers in Socially Distanced – Heart Connected found all over the world in nations and communities and individuals who have moved beyond themselves to embrace the reality that we are heart connected. You know some of them already.

Examples such as the mainstream media who have suddenly become more interested in spirituality and are offering a whole range of advice from social workers from psychologists from health professionals and many more to encourage us to find the spirituality in ourselves as we face the crisis.

I love the memes that are appearing such as “when you can’t go outside go inside”, encouraging us to look inside ourselves to discover new attitudes of love, of kindness and of caring. Basically the media is inviting us to “meditate more”.

Examples of nations who are beginning to look not only to themselves in their virus research but are reaching across borders to examine other country’s research on how to fight the virus. They are putting aside notions of competing with each other to find the first cure just for “our people”. They are living by the notion “we are all in this together” and “we can work as one team”.

Socially Distanced – Heart Connected. 

But what can we do as individuals? First, we can comply absolutely with the protocols from our health organisations to wash our hands to stay inside and to be kind to those who are isolated and to socially distance. There is the problem, people are afraid of being socially distant, they imagine it means being lonely. I am writing this article to help people understand that although they are physically distant they can connect with their heart.

I am not talking about a facile, mushy, rose-coloured view of humankind. I use the phrase Socially Distanced – Heart Connected because in the last years there has been a plethora of research and writing about the power of the heart to connect with others. We may be socially distanced but science shows that our hearts are still connected. This is not just some quick tagline, it is at the centre of many years of research by organisations such as HeartMath Institute who for 31 years has been showing us that our hearts are indeed energetically connected even though we are feet apart, miles apart or thousands of miles apart. The slogan Socially Distanced – Heart Connected is no longer a spiritual hope it is a scientific reality.

So what can we do? We can send heartfelt coherent love to each other through a technique called heart-focussed breathing. The following is a simple breathing protocol (fashioned after HeartMath techniques). 

Socially Distanced – Heart Connected Breathing.

  1. While breathing in a relaxed pace, bring your breath to your heart or chest area and imagine calming your mind and emotions with each breath. 
  2. As you breathe, visualize mental and emotional calm and poise streaming into your heart and mind and into all your cells. Hold a conscious intention in your heart to let your own feelings of anxiety or fear melt away to be replaced by feelings of care and compassion for yourself and your own challenges without creating burnout in your own system. 
  3. Imagine those from whom you are socially distanced, and from your heart radiate to them compassionate love, care and calm to reduce their fear and anxiety promoting healing and health. See them as being surrounded by a loving life force giving them a sense of control over their environment and power to create wholeness.

So although you may be socially distanced from your loved ones by feet or miles, you can still send them coherent heartfelt messages and feelings of love and support. Although we may be separated from other countries, wherever we are in the world we can bring these countries to mind and send heartfelt feelings and intentions of love, healing and care.

And we can send heartfelt healing to the whole globe. There is credible scientific research that our own heart coherence is connected to the coherence of the earth, so as we begin to breathe love and kindness to friends to nations and to communities let’s also send it to this beautiful earth of ours.

Yes, what is going on at the moment is tragic, and fills us with fear, and it is right that we acknowledge these fears. But fear is not the whole story; hope is also part of the equation, and part of that hope is that we are never fully alone. I was heartened when I heard that the Liverpool anthem “You’ll Never Walk Alone” was being played at the same time on radio stations all over Europe. Whenever I hear this song I am moved because it speaks of hope beyond current painful situations. I am moved not through my brain but through my heart. We are never alone because our hearts are connected.

It is in times of crisis, that human beings have always come together to act as one to care as one to work together as one. To do that effectively requires us to be vigilant and of course, look after ourselves. But at this time we are being challenged to move beyond just looking after ourselves. we are being challenged to respond to the human drive for heart connection.

Remember we may be socially distanced but our hearts are always connected.

So find time today to send heartfelt greetings to those who need your love and help. 

Socially Distanced – Heart Connected.

DR PHILIP MERRY SynchronicityLeader

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