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How To Speak in Asia + Industry Update

Are an international speaker wondering how to get engagements in Singapore? Curious about business models, cultural norms, fees and intellecutal property protection in Asia?  

Professional Speakers Australia (PSA) Convention hosted an ‘International Update on the Speaking Industry’ panel discussion with Glen Sharkey (President, National Speakers Association New Zealand), Nabil Doss (President, Global Speakers Federation), Gustav Gous (President, Professional Speakers Association Namibia) and Tom Abbott (President, Asia Professional Speakers Singapore).

Here are 11 tweets on speaking in Asia I shared on Twitter @socoselling:

  1. Start by asking your local clients about their overseas offices, then reach out to APSS ([email protected]) or our Facebook Group.
  2. Work with an agent if you don’t have the time or resources to reach clients directly.
  3. Be sure to ask your bureau, client and local speakers about cultural issues.
  4. Singapore companies engaging you for work (in or out of Singapore) pay 3x more than Malaysian companies and 5x more than Indonesian companies.
  5. You can charge 5x higher fees in Singapore than Indonesia but you’ll get 1/5 the audience size.
  6. Corporate clients engage high priced overseas speakers and engage local low priced trainers.
  7. Most audiences will understand English and you can work with a translator if needed. 
  8. Multiple speaker events targeting the general public are more competitive and less popular.
  9. Some big events include National Achievers Congress by Success Resources for general public and HR Summit by HRM Asia for corporates. 
  10. Register trademarks in countries where you’re generating (and could lose) revenue.
  11. Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand (in that order) offer strong IP protection.

What tips would you add? Please share in the comments below! And please reach out to me if there’s any way I can help!!

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