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What is a Keynote Speaker and why should you engage a speaker for your event?

Published on 07/18/2024 under Presentation Skills, Strategy, Team Building

What is a keynote speaker and why should you engage a speaker for your event? Read this article to learn more! A keynote speaker is defined by Cambridge Dictionary as a ‘person who gives the keynote address at a large meeting’. Keynote speakers are known to give either an Opening Keynote or a Closing Keynote at a conference or business event.   […]


Break Down Silos: Proven Strategies to Foster Collaboration at Work

Published on 05/17/2024 under Communication /Voice, Culture, Leadership

“Your budget, not mine!” A senior leader snapped during a management meeting. This is the classic symptom of the dreaded silo mentality, a common plague in large organisations. Imagine a CFO of a sizeable European firm lamenting how, after merging his company, the once united problem-solving team became fragmented. Gone were the days of “our […]


Aug Monthly Meeting Photos

Published on 09/01/2023 under Uncategorized


A Boss has the title a Leader has the People

Published on 07/28/2023 under Leadership, Management

Over the past few years, I’ve invested a lot of time and energy travelling along the leadership path; learning, developing, continuously growing my leadership capabilities, and every single day has been enlightening. Throughout those years I became aware that many of my peers enjoyed the title of a leader and the perks gained from promotions, […]