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Maxine Teo

Maxine is a tri-lingual speaker, corporate facilitator, and coach with a passion for colorfully impacting lives™ over 20 years of working with diverse teams across Asia. One of the most energetic speaker and trainer in Asia having successfully delivered training solutions and keynotes on wealth management, retirement planning, peak performance, and sales excellence to audiences in 30 over cities around the world. She has a knack of turning complicated concepts into practical and highly engaging learning applications. Maxine is fluent in spoken and written English, Mandarin and Cantonese and she delivers her messages in the three languages seamlessly to help her international audiences achieve their highest level of understanding.
Coming from a decade of working in the financial services industry as a financial advisor and banker, Maxine shares her experience and knowledge through training and coaching in Relationship Management topics like Advisory Sales (B2B & B2C), Business writing, Networking Skills, Negotiation Skills, Effective Communication, Client Service Excellence, Client Book Management, Cross-Cultural Awareness, Business Presentation Skills, and Time and Stress Management for better productivity. The skills she imparts are especially applicable to service and relationship-based industries like finance and banking, insurance and real estate.

Maxine is the author of the “Secret Manual of the Sales Warrior” which has received high acclaim from her readers for its practicality and ease of understanding. Over the years, Maxine has received multiple awards from various international training institutions in recognition of her excellent work delivered to their corporate clients. She is also a popular guest speaker on radio stations in Singapore to share her experience and expertise on topics related to stakeholder engagement and relationship management. What sets Maxine apart from most trainers, speakers and coaches in the industry is her ability to connect with her audiences and coachees instantly with her magnetic and boundless energy.

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Here is a tried-and-tested 5-step approach to help you resolve conflicts in your life and at work. When you are able to see beyond the smoke, you will be able to break down defensive walls and turn your sceptics into your advocates.


Managing your team in the virtual space

Published on 07/23/2021 under Leadership, Motivation, Organisation Development, Peak Performance, Team Building

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