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Kim Underhill

>25 years international management experience. Leader in change management strategy. Successfully led profitable sales, marketing, operation throughout APAC for global MNCs and management of fortune 500 organisations.

Kim is a Keynote Speaker; Certified Executive Coach; Certified Practitioner for NLP & Belbin Team Roles; Author of 'Success Inside Out' a 6-step self coaching methodology and ‘New Age Leadership’ helping individuals be effective, influential and inspiring leaders.

Kim co-founded SHE BRILLIANCE movement, a women leadership community to help women advance women through its mentorship networking platform and continuous learning workshops led by subject experts, business owners and professionals.

Kim is the President of Singapore Business & Professional Women’s Association and President of Daughters of Tomorrow. Both with focus to support women take action to become a better version of themselves and for their livelihoods.

Latest Articles


Communicate Confidently To Connect With Anyone, Anywhere, And Anytime

Published on 09/28/2021 under Change Management, Communication /Voice, Conflict Resolution, Culture, Leadership, Management, Organisation Development, Personal Development,, Presentation Skills

Building confidence in communication and presentation to anyone, anywhere, and anytime is key to a successful journey towards excellence. Dr John Maxwell wrote in one of his leadership books: “many communicate, few connect”. Connectivity is the reason why people communicate and every conversation is a means to help us get our message across in the […]


Be The Change Before Change Changes You

Published on 09/28/2021 under Change Management, Communication /Voice, Culture, Leadership, Management, Motivation, Organisation Development, Personal Development,, Presentation Skills, Sales/Negotiation, Team Building

Change is constant. So become the change, before change changes you. Change has and will always be disruptive. It is no longer about how you deal with the constant change surrounding you; you must become the change in order to succeed and lead in a disruptive and volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) world. Stop […]


The F.A.S.T Approach To New Markets In The 21st Century

Published on 09/28/2021 under Change Management, Communication /Voice, Leadership, Management, Marketing, Organisation Development, Peak Performance, Presentation Skills, Productivity, Sales/Negotiation

The F.A.S.T. approach looks at the key essentials needed to counter the challenges faced in 21st century businesses. Organisations and management have been talking about the challenges of surviving in the volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) world for years now. Lately, it is all about the Age of Disruption. What we see today is […]


Making A Difference Against Industrial Heavyweights

Published on 09/28/2021 under Change Management, Communication /Voice, Customer Service, Leadership, Management, Organisation Development, Peak Performance, Personal Development,, Productivity, Sales/Negotiation, Strategy

Big is not always better. SMEs can make a difference in tapping the strengths that work to their advantage. Does size in terms of business and organisational structure matter when growing your business? I believe that the answer from your customers depends on what you and your brand have to offer and how these measure […]