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Fredrik Haren CSP Global

"Fredrik Härén is an author and keynote speaker on Business Creativity, Change and Global Business. He has delivered 2,000 presentations in over 60 countries on six continents. Based in Asia since 2005 Fredrik has been invited to speak in 24 Asian countiries. He was voted Speaker of The Year in Sweden and selected as one of the "The Best Swedish Speakers Ever". He is a CSP and GSPGlobal and author of nine books, including "The Idea Book" which was included in "The 100 Best Business Books of All Time". His speciality is to speak at global conferences and conference with attendees from multiple nationalities.

Latest Articles


The keynote speech is dead. Long live the keynote.

Published on 10/19/2017 under Presentation Skills

“Isn’t the whole thing of an audience sitting and listening to a speaker on stage pretty outdated? If you want an inspirational speech you can find them on YouTube.” So read an email I recently got and the person went on to say that conferences instead should focus on getting people together in small groups […]


How to get the BIG keynotes.

Published on 08/21/2017 under Presentation Skills

If you want to get the really big keynote bookings you have to understand that these bookings more or less only go to three kinds of speakers: a) The famous person. (to give some star quality to the event and draw a crowd)b) The Industry Expert (to give credibility to the event)c) The really, really […]


I am a professional speaker, but today my 6 year old son taught me something about speaking.

Published on 02/14/2017 under Presentation Skills

Today I had the joy and privilege to go and attend a performance at my son’s Kindergarten. (I love that I, as a speaker, have job with such freedom that I can decide to take some time off in the middle of the day to go see my son perform.) The class was performing a […]


The audience is like a lion. Tame it.

Published on 01/14/2017 under Culture, Presentation Skills

(About reading the audience when you speak.) Does an audience have feelings? Of course they do. Everyone in an audience has their own feelings and emotions, which is why you as a speaker should not be discouraged if, say, 99% give you a “5” on the evaluation and 1% give you a “1”. That 1% […]