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Vivek Iyyani

VIVEK IYYANI is a Professional Speaker at Millennial Minds Pte Ltd. He is the author of the book Engaging Millennials and has spoken at organisations like the Oracle, Julius Bär, Schroders, NuSkin Enterprise, Great Eastern and

He has been featured by the National Population and Talent Division (NPTD) under the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) in a video of #MySingaporeStory. He has appeared on Channel NewsAsia twice as a guest on the Millennial topic.

Vivek is known in his industry to speak around the globe in conferences on how to recruit, reward, and retain Millennials at work.

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About Quiet Quitting, Lying Flat, Wheelbarrows and Sensors

Published on 09/04/2022 under Leadership, Management, Organisation Development, Peak Performance

A portion of this article was adapted from my 2nd book, Engaging Millennials It started gaining popularity recently in the US, after a TikTok video went viral while it’s been noticed in China as well (for a while now) as the Bai Lan/Lying Flat phenomenon. It’s the new term at the workplace called ‘Quiet Quitting’, which […]