June Monthly Online Meeting – APSS Annual CSP Roundtable

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if we could just wave a magic wand to hold our audiences spellbound every time we step on stage or on-screen?
Even better, how about having in your bag of tricks, a secret formula behind understanding your value and getting paid what you are worth?
Or perhaps something, like an invisible charm, is still holding you back from leaping into the next level of your destiny as a speaker?
This June, the elusive answers you’ve been seeking will be unveiled at our annual CSP Roundtable.
Entitled “Fantastic Speakers: CSP Chamber of Secrets”, get ready to be mesmerised by the wizardly world of CSPs.
On the 28th of June, 7-9 pm, 7 Certified Speaking Professionals (CSPs) from around the world, some never seen before at our monthly meetings, will dazzle you with their success secrets, hidden tips and inventive skills.
This will not be for the faint hearted, and you can look forward to being transformed by the experience, but only if you are willing and open to step through the looking glass.

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Jun 28 2022


7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


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