APSS Speakers Academy 2022 For PSA and PSAI Members

How to add an additional stream of income through a successful professional speaking business (regardless of what field you are in)

Anyone can be a professional speaker, earn thousands for making speeches, and impact many companies and countries.
You don’t even need to do this full time.
But you do need to learn a specific set of skills – skills that include:
  • How to craft an engaging speech from start to finish
  • How to position yourself as a successful speaker
  • How to grow a pipeline of clients who want to pay you to make speeches
  • How to run such speeches online effectively to reach more countries
  • How to negotiate for higher and higher fees
  • How to stand out in the crowd and attract the attention you deserve
If this resonates with you, join us for this powerful 2-days of Zoom webinar, where 12 of Asia’s leading professional speakers share the intimate details of their techniques and strategies.
Imagine them to be famous chefs, all ready to share their “secret recipes” with you, and guiding you to create your own unique dish.
Successful people take action fast, instead of engage in overthinking.
Day 1 Agenda (8 Oct 2022, 9:30am to 4:30pm)
Michael Podolinsky, CSP, Global Speaking Fellow, Professional Speakers Hall of Fame
“Opening with pizazz and closing with punch”
Michael Podolinsky is a Speaker Hall of Fame awardee, Global Speaking Fellow, and Certified Speaking Professional.
Since 1982, Michael devoted himself to the study and sharing of productivity and human psychology. This led to Exponential Growth for his clients. Working in AsiaPac since 1987 and as a Singapore PR, Michael developed a global mindset with a keen understanding of Asia and how it functions in the world economy.
Author of 17 books including his newest book, Take Back Your Life! and his McGraw Hill productivity Series, he is the ‘Authority’ on Productivity and Exponential Growth. He’s hosted 2 radio shows and appeared on TV and radio and used as an information expert for MNCs like Microsoft and Fuji Xerox. The Global Speakers Federation awarded him as one of only 21 speakers in the world to be ‘Brand Ambassadors for their new certification.
Marianna Pascal, CSP
“Designing your keynote the Audience JourneyTM way”
Canadian former actor, Marianna Pascal helps high potentials and leaders move others to action with their words. Her speciality is overcoming the communication challenges MNCs face when stakeholders come from diverse backgrounds.
– One of the 50 most watched TEDx Talk speakers in history
– 27 million viewers on Youtube including 17 million in China.
– World Championship of Public Speaking semifinalist
– Voted one of The 10 Favourite Female Speakers worldwide along with Oprah Winfrey, Brene Brown, and Indira Gandhi (Toastmasters International)
– #2 on Borders Bestseller List for Non-fiction with her book series, English Fast & Easy,
Tim Wade
“Scaling up your speaking business”
Clients have engaged Tim to work with audiences of 10 to 10,000 people, whether that’s in Japan, China, India, Egypt, Kenya, Nigeria, London, Singapore, Australia, or on a ship sailing across the globe.
Tim combines a university background in Psychology from the University of Queensland, with over 19 years of corporate operational management experience, business leadership and award-winning management consulting.
Tim is a business speaker who has actually worked in corporate. He can speak the language of your people. He’s probably faced and solved a number of the issues your audience is facing. He connects with your audiences in a way that is relevant, impactful, results-oriented, and fun.
David Lim, CSP, Global Speaking Fellow, Professional Speakers Hall of Fame
“Negotiate your way to higher fees”
David Lim, CSP, Global Speaking Fellow, is best known for leading the 1st Singapore Everest Expedition in 1998. Partially disabled from a paralysing nerve disorder since that expedition, he bounced back, and has developed and delivered leadership and motivational outcomes in 33 countries and 76 cities. For over a decade, David, as a leading Singapore motivational speaker, and has also been an adjunct lecturer for INSEAD business school’s leadership programmes – engaging leaders on self and team leadership. The most common response he gets from his clients is that he excels in helping people believe they can be more than just ordinary.
David is author of three books, including How Leaders Lead: 71 Lessons in Leading Yourself and Others. Clients include Linkedin, Google, Walmart, AIA, Citibank, UBS., Pratt & Whitney and Fortune 500 companies.
Simone Heng, CSP
“Attracting your leads through social media”
In 2019 Simone won the Asia Youth Women Netizen Award by the Asian Marketing Federation. In 2020 she was named one of Yahoo!’s Top 10 Public Speaking coaches for her work on connection and communication. A former international broadcaster for media outlets CNBC, CNN, HBO Asia, and Virgin Radio Dubai, Simone’s vocation has always been to connect with people.
Simone speaks on the topic of Human Connection. Having been born in Singapore, raised in Australia, schooled in Switzerland and worked in the United Arab Emirates, Simone has had a truly global living experience. Simone now speaks to global organisations like, Salesforce, SAP, HP, VMWare, Google, Ted X, The United Nations and many more, on the connection techniques that authentically bring us together.
Day 2 Agenda (9 Oct 2022, 9:30am to 4:30pm)
Cathy Johnson
“Build your trust with strong ethics”
Cathy is an ICF-Certified Professional Coach (PCC Level), a senior facilitator and speaker focused on working with organizations to support the development of authentic individuals and leaders. Her international corporate career spans almost 3 decades, helping people work through the challenges of being authentic in a rapidly changing world that’s demanding more and more of us.
Cathy has a long track record of working across Asia helping organizations like Barclays, Attorney-General’s Chambers, Daimler/Mercedes-Benz, Citibank, Paypal, MasterCard, Microsoft, Rolls-Royce, TripAdvisor and Visa. She impacts businesses on a variety of arenas including executive presence, women in leadership, difficult conversations, leadership development, compelling presentations, performance management, dealing with conflict and assertiveness.
She is also Past President of APSS.
Meenakshi Sarup and Roshini Ganesan
“Enhancing engagement with online tools”
Roshini and Meenakshi established The Change Business in 2011 to empower Managers and Leaders with the fundamental skills they need to be successful and effective in their roles. They create Learning Journeys – which may include talks, workshops, coaching and assessments – focused on creating behavioural change. Their clients include MNCs across Asia, Australia and Europe – Novartis, DKSH, OCBC, SMBC, Julius Baer, HP, Sony, Oracle to name a few.
Joe Augustin
“Are you using the right technology?”
How do we maximize HUMAN POTENTIAL while minimizing FUTILITY? It’s the question that Joe seeks not to answer, but to get more people to ask.
As a coach and trainer, Joe specializes in helping executives and business owners create AMAZING presentations – By drawing on his 30 years of experience in the show business, Joe can help ANYONE become more compelling presenters.
Joe is also an EXCELLENT emcee whose clients number in the hundreds and include governments, MNCs, and local businesses. When it REALLY counts and you need an emcee you can rely on to do the right thing in almost any situation.
Tay Guan Hin
“Spark your creativity and be outstanding”
Tay Guan Hin is the Creative Chairman of BBDO Singapore. Previously the Founder of TGH Collective, an independent boutique agency. He has helped Shell, Johnson & Johnson, Abbott, P&G, HSBC, Unilever, and other global brands improve market share and solve business challenges. He has been fortunate enough to be recognized in Cannes Lions as a Jury President, D&AD Foreman, One Show Judge, Head of Jury Asia Pacific Effies, creative innovator, and a tank mechanic. As a thought leader, he is a sought-after keynote speaker in many global and regional conventions including Spikes Asia, One Show China, Brand Fest, Adfest, Brand Forum, AdStar, and Cannes Lions.
Andrea Edwards, CSP
“Make your mark on the digital stage”
Join Andrea T Edwards, CSP, for a live Q&A session, where she plans to have a one-on-one session, with as many attendees as possible, and we will seek to understand where you are in your digital journey, the struggles you are facing, and we’ll develop ideas in real-time to help everyone move forward and claim our space on the digital stage. Too shy to do this? No problem, you won’t be forced to, and you will learn from the conversations regardless.
Come ready with your questions
  1. I am struggling with my focus as a social leader, help!
  2. I am not getting the attention I think I deserve on social media, what am I doing wrong (bring examples)?
  3. What are the best formats and platforms for me?
And on we could go. Whatever is on your mind, we will cover it. All questions are relevant, regardless of where you are on your journey. This will be a fun, insightful, fast-paced and jam-packed session, so make sure you take notes as we go.
Andrea T Edwards CSP, The Digital Conversationalist
Andrea T Edwards CSP, The Digital Conversationalist, is a globally award-winning B2B communications professional, who works with the world’s largest companies on the transformation needed within to maximize business growth in our digital future. A change agent, provocateur, author, professional speaker, passionate communicator and social leader, Andrea is all about helping businesses understand how they can empower employees to delight customers, grow personal career opportunities and build brand success.
Andrea’s book – Uncommon Courage: an invitation – is a deeper reflection on life, plus an invitation to courage, so we can tackle the biggest issues the world is facing, together. Her first book ‘18 Steps to an All-Star LinkedIn Profile’ is on two Book Authority’s listings as the ‘100 Best LinkedIn Books of All Time’ and ‘22 Best New LinkedIn eBooks To Read In 2021 and 2022.’
But it’s not all business. Andrea is a warrior for Mother Earth and is trying to help businesses understand that they must step up and lead to avoid the worst of climate catastrophe, as well as to build equal, equitable businesses that make winners of us all.
She is also driven to make empathy and compassion the critical driving force in today’s world and believes that backing up your talk in how you present yourself is critical to being authentic and trustworthy — at a time when those qualities are so much in demand.
These fundamental beliefs drive Andrea to empower others to step into all opportunities the digital age offers — because together, we can shape the future of business and humanity. When you own your voice, you own your future. Equally, when you own your voice, you contribute to our collective future.
Eugene Seah
“Growing your tribes for long term sales sustainability”
Eugene Seah was a Corporate Zombie for nearly 15 years and finally returned from the dead in late 2013 (when he was retrenched).
Since then he has been actively pursuing his dream to impact lives and is currently a certified NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) Coach, Life Coach, and a leading Personal Branding Coach. As part of the process, he has been growing multiple tribes, attracting like-minded friends in dialogues ranging from personal branding and abundance, to raising future-ready kids and nation-building.
He has been interviewed by various media including TV, radio and the newspapers for his expert views. Eugene is effectively bilingual in English and Mandarin and has trained major corporations across various industries and cities, including Shanghai, Florida, Sydney, Moscow, Jakarta and even Pyongyang!


Oct 08 - 09 2022


9:00 am - 5:00 pm


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