Wesley Chan

"If you fail to be an engineer, be a motivational speaker"

My lecturer's compliment became my enlightenment. That left a deep impact in my life and that sparked my interest towards the science of human psychology.

Despite graduating as a Chemical Engineer, I took a leap of faith to venture into sales. From a selling role, I was promoted to become an internal trainer and speaker. Ever since then, I totally fell in love with training and speaking due to its possibility to transform others to be better version of themselves.

To date, I am grateful for having the opportunity to speak to more than 200,000 people across 21 cities in Asia.

I love working with salespeople and working professionals who want to sell their ideas better without being "salesy" and rigid with the four pillars of persuasion.

Pillar #1: Establish positive impression and relationship with others (to gain trust)
Pillar #2: Establish credibility (to earn the right to present and sell)
Pillar #3: Deliver appealing presentation and pitch (to separate yourself from others)
Pillar #4: Negotiate and close (to reach win-win agreement)

What sets me apart from other trainers is that my ability to create a customizable and sustainable learning journey that focuses on application and results.

Here are some of my favourite reviews.

Ng Eng Hooi, Head of Organization Development, Samsung Malaysia Electronics: "He continuously helps us through his flexible, customizable and practical approach."

Carol Tan, Head of Sales Academy, Digi Telecommunications: "Great follow through. Our sales team pivoted swiftly from offline to online selling."

Roy Heong, Head of Strategic Innovation, Alliance Bank: "We have seen our sales conversion jump almost 50% in the first 6 months for several staff who attended his program."

And these are some of my work that I'm extremely grateful for:

3x TEDx Speaker: TEDxUTP 2015, TEDxUTM 2018, TEDxUniversitiofMalaya 2019
62% of my participants recorded increase in sales after 7 days upon completion of my training
40% increase for company's revenue growth in 2020 vs 2019

Feel free to reach out to me if you would love to brainstorm selling ideas together.

[email protected]

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