Sunshine Irene Kang

Sunshine Irene helps both individuals and corporates to find Confidence, gain Clarity and build Capacity. She is recognised for her Resilience and Resourcefulness. Her strength is in Transforming lives, which was built on her past experience of a painful marriage that left her with massive mental, emotional, and financial challenges.

On top of supporting the women community, Irene Sunshine runs a thriving visual consulting company, Art of Awakening with her partner Tim Hamons. She is equipped with over ten years of business experience, driving business strategy, project management and optimized operational success. She is a committed and experienced lead facilitator, a joyous, creative and inspiring speaker, and a supportive and caring team lead. To date, Irene and Tim have travelled to more than 20 countries in APAC, Europe and the USA to share their work and inspire many with their stories.

Her favorite quote is
“Keep your face to Sunshine and you will never see the Shadow” ~ Helen Keller

Her living philosophy is:
“In the end, everything will be ok, if it’s not ok, it’s not the end” ~ John Lennon

Latest Articles


KISS? VUCA with Resilience

Published on 10/13/2021 under Innovation/Creativity, Leadership, Motivation

COVID-19 came like a Hurricane. Many of us were caught unprepared, trapped by the fear of COVID-19 and its impact to our lives. I run a visual consulting company with my husband. We transcribe conversations into visuals by drawing live in M.I.C.E. and we conduct our Visual Facilitation LabTM in Asia. COVID-19 put everything on […]


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