Shirley has been a trusted member of the professional speaking and training community for many years. She was 2011-12 President of Asia Professional Speakers Singapore. She also served on the board of the Global Speakers Federation for four years, becoming the 21st President of the Federation in 2017.

Originally from the UK, Shirley has lived in Singapore, Bahrain and Canada. Her speaking and training has taken her all over the world. Quickly discovering the challenges of communicating across cultures, she has always enjoyed helping others to communicate more effectively in the workplace. Her passion eventually led to writing books for many international publishers. Shirley’s international bestselling book Model Business Letters, Emails and Other Business Documents 7th edition has sold over half a million copies and been translated into 17 languages.

Author of 17 books now, Shirley is widely-regarded as a leading authority in business and email writing skills. She is a high-energy, high-content speaker and trainer who educates, inspires and motivates individuals to develop better relationships when speaking and writing. She puts a lot of passion and energy into her presentations to make sure they are entertaining, practical and informative, as well as a lot of fun.

After a journey that has taken her from secretary in Sheffield to global speaker and trainer in Singapore, Shirley recently put her collaboration and leadership lessons into her new book. Connecting the Dots to Inspire the Leader in You was published in September 2020 by Marshall Cavendish International.

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The English language we use today, both orally and in writing, is very different to the language used several decades ago. However, I often find that people are still writing in a very formal, distant, cold and passive style that just doesn’t match our high-tech, progressive business world. Many people tell me they use this […]


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