Shibani Belwalkar

Shibani is an unshakeable propagator of Purpose. She is an admired global educator, keynote speaker, author and a Leadership Coach. Shibani has surfaced some remarkable patterns about how people and organizations think, act, and communicate, and also the cultures in which people operate at their natural best. She is a Fellow at SDA Bocconi, and teaches at several other International Business Schools including Deakin, Liverpool, and ISB at their flagship Global Executive Programs.

Shibani has curated and delivered hundreds of programs for leaders across the Americas, Europe, Asia and the Middle East, in industries as varied as Pharma, ITES, BFSI, Manufacturing, Auto, Telecom, Data, FMCG, and Consulting. Her clients include private sector and non-profit organizations. The themes range from Authentic leadership and values-driven cultures, to building high impact teams and organizations.

Shibani's Ph.D, supported by Faith at Work, Princeton, is centered on workplace spirituality and purpose - her behavior company -Theory of Purpose is a testimonial of her research. She is a Hogan Assessment Certified Coach, a Barrett’s Values Assessment Certified Facilitator, and a Certified Practitioner of Haptitude. She is also certified in the FUIM(Finding Us In Music) technique for Group Cohesiveness and Effectiveness, Negotiation Mastery ( HBS).

Through a childhood moving across continents, Shibani's facilitation style and thought leadership is a rich culmination of influences from Africa, the Western World and the East. Born in Burkina Faso, she spent her early years in Cameroon, and then subsequently in the US and India. She now balances her time between her offices in Washington DC and Mumbai.

Her publications include her latest book, Don’t Wait, The Art and Science of Purposeful Cultures, papers on Workplace Spirituality, Gross National Happiness (Bhutan), and a chapter in the textbook on Talent Management by Cengage Learning.

She has been quoted in the Best-selling book “The Art of Quiet Influence,” by Davis,J.

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Shibani Belwalkar, Ph.D