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Scott Harrison

Scott, the Transformational Leadership Expert and Culture Catalyst:

Meet Scott, a recognized thought leader and industry expert in the world of public speaking and leadership development. Hailing from Scotland but based in vibrant Singapore, Scott has built a strong personal brand as a dynamic CHRO and the very first employee at coto, a groundbreaking women-only social and community app. From the onset, he took charge of building the team from scratch, pioneering an environment where innovation, culture, and talent thrived.

With a wealth of experience in high-pressure, high-performance environments, Scott's journey from the bottom to the top of the recruitment industry shaped his unique insights and abilities. He extensively coached, trained, and mentored individuals to achieve exceptional results, making him a sought-after leader in transformational leadership.

Scott's expertise lies in transformational leadership, organizational culture, and innovative talent acquisition and talent planning strategies. What sets him apart is his exceptional ability to offer perspectives from various angles:

– Startup Perspective: As a team builder in a tech startup, Scott shares invaluable insights on the challenges and innovative solutions unique to such environments.

– Women-centric Approach: Fostering a culture and building a team in a women-centric app like coto, Scott's rare perspective adds depth to discussions about leadership and talent acquisition.

– The Journey from 0-1: Scott's experience as the first employee at coto, witnessing its growth and overcoming hurdles, provides inspiring and instructive stories connected to transformational leadership and talent planning.

Scott's dynamic approach is enhanced by his fusion of Eastern and Western perspectives, having experienced both work cultures through his Scottish heritage and his current Singaporean base.

As the host of the "Culture Catalyst" podcast, Scott's passion for empowering others shines through. He creates a platform for people to share their knowledge, experiences, and passions while navigating topics like workplace culture, leadership development, and self-development.

Through his engaging video content on leadership and self-development, Scott touches on transformational leadership, motivation mindset, culture building, and career development, captivating his social media community.

Scott's signature approaches and methodologies include "The COTO Method," a step-by-step process capturing key learnings in transformational leadership, culture building, and talent acquisition. His focus on emotional intelligence (EQ) intertwines with his speaking engagements, emphasizing self-awareness, empathy, and effective communication as vital traits for leaders.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Scott finds joy in creating social media content and learning the ins and outs of editing and lighting. His University of Cambridge teacher training credentials also reveal his remarkable ability to teach non-English speakers to fluency, enriching his approach to leadership and speaking.

Noteworthy engagements include speaking at the HR Tech Festival Asia alongside industry giants, "SpeakIn" Leadership Motivation mindset event, and "The Half Brick Raw Stories" event, all leaving a lasting impact on diverse audiences.

Scott's mission is to be perceived as a credible, successful, and supportive individual with a true passion for transforming lives. His profound dedication to cultivating an engaging and inspiring environment for everyone he encounters is evident in both his professional and personal pursuits.

With Scott as your guide, expect an enriching and transformational experience as you embark on a journey of self-discovery, leadership growth, and cultural transformation.

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