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Sagar Amlani

Sagar Amlani is a global speaker, productivity explorer and author.

Though he has 16+ years of professional experience in the productivity mindset, what sets him apart is his initial life struggles. These struggles made him learn the value of time, money, and education early in life. Also, these were the same challenges that became the foundation of Sagar's innate personality.
His respect and gratitude towards his initial life challenges make him a unique person, even after living in the slums.

He believes execution is the critical ingredient for success, trained over 1800+ professionals creating result orientated teams. He has served various corporates like Hyundai, TVS, Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen, Royal Enfield, HDFC standard life, Renault – Nissan, Maruti, Godrej, etc., for various projects.

He firmly believes, Building the team with the right mindset helps the organisation create the proper infrastructure, establish the right system, standardise the process with their 100% focus on the set goals, and learn the art of saying no.

A productivity Mindset is when you utilise the available resources to achieve your focused goals/dreams by setting priorities and standardising processes.
Being a commended LinkedIn profile 2019, he has also trained over 5400 professionals from India, USA, London & Australia to improve their LinkedIn Productivity through his signature program "ECG of LinkedIn."

An Author of Book "At the Crossroads of Life".

You can improve your LinkedIn Productivity with seven steps

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