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Ritu Gupta Mehrish

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Leader’s Block: How great leaders recover after they temporarily stumble

Today’s digital and disruptive world is demanding more from leaders than ever before. Apart from their functional work or day jobs, they are expected to stay on top of the latest innovation, embrace and lead in ever changing environment, innovate, make tough decisions, inspire people and the list goes on.

But what if your leaders are experiencing the LEADER’S BLOCK

The phrase Leader’s block is derived from Writer’s block.

Similar to Writer’s block, Leader’s block is a condition, primarily associated with leading, in which a leader loses the ability to lead, or experiences a creative slowdown. The condition ranges in difficulty from coming up with original ideas to being unable to lead for months (may be years)!

It’s a phase when the leader is uninspired, demotivated, doubts himself and is unable to perform to the best of his abilities.

Leader’s block is contagious – an uninspired or a blocked leader can’t inspire his people. It can quickly become widespread in the organization and have serious repercussions.

The impact of leader’s block on an organization can vary from poor decisions, loss of business, high turnover, lack of direction, to low employee engagement!

The impact of leader’s block on the leader himself can vary from low self-esteem, lack of confidence, lack of focus and passion, to inability to make good decisions.

Based on her interviews with succssful leaders across industries and geographies, Ritu shares insightful answers to these questions:

What are the top 5 reasons that trigger Leader’s Block?
How these leaders overcame the Leader’s Block?
What’s the impact on them, team and organization?
What are the symptoms? How can they pre-empt it and take preventive measures?
How can organizations help?
Ritu is on a mission to raise awareness, and help organizations and leaders recognize, acknowledge and overcome LEADER’S BLOCK!

Ritu has about 20 years of corporate experience in leading and working with teams across the world – US, UK, Latin America, Europe, Philippines, Singapore and India. She has held several leadership positions in running global operations and managing client relationships. She has run a multi-million-dollar vertical, and has built and led a global and diverse team of 800+ people across eight countries. During her tenure in operations she has led several change initiatives – culture, systems, organization. Ritu has developed, nurtured and grown client relationships with some of the Fortune 100 companies across the world.

Ritu uses her diverse and business background to bring in a broad perspective and pragmatic approach to leadership development through her coaching, facilitation and key note speaking. She brings her coaching mindset to facilitation and speaking; she listens, asks powerful questions, empowers and supports her participants instead of providing them the answers. She provides space for her participants to reflect, gain self-awareness and discover their own potential.

Ritu’s experience includes designing and delivering large scale leadership programs for middle and senior management in large multinational organizations, private listed companies, nonprofit organizations and educational institutes.

Ritu did her Bachelors in Commerce from Delhi University, India and is a Chartered Certified Accountant from UK. She has lived in multiple countries and currently lives in Singapore.

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