Karen Leong CSP

Karen Leong is an authority in Influence and highly regarded for her transformational keynotes and programs. Thousands of executives have benefited from her Influence 247 system and profiling tool, which is used as a talent development solution in many Fortune 500 companies and local organisations.

A TEDx speaker and the author of the book ‘Win People Over – 75 Simple and Powerful Ways, she was showcased as one of the ten influential professional speakers in Singapore by the Singapore Business Review. Karen was also highlighted as one of the 10 Fearless Singaporean female entrepreneurs who “made it happen” by the Vulcan Post. A regular feature on television, radio and print, Karen has been on Channel News Asia's panel as the Influence and Body Language expert, where she analysed the 2016 US Presidential Debates "live" in the studio; and profiled in the CEO series on Channel U.

A Chartered Accountant, Karen first established a career in audit and consulting with KPMG and KPMG Consulting. Karen then embarked on her entrepreneurial journey by launching her very own fashion label.

Two years later, she co-founded her second company – Influence Solutions, a premier learning and development organization that helps companies be more profitable, by helping people be more productive. Today, Influence Solutions has offices in Singapore, India, USA and Sweden covering 13 countries and operating in 4 languages – English, Mandarin, Korean and Japanese.

For more information about Karen, visit her speaker page: and her corporate website:
"Karen delivered one of the most engaging keynote lectures on change management I have ever seen. She involved the audience extensively. Her messages, like her visuals, were clear and the feedback from the audience afterwards was overwhelmingly positive. I cannot recommend Karen highly enough if you have a need for a keynote speaker to talk about change and attitudes to change."

Alan McDougall

Vice President, Head of Medical Affairs, Asia Oceania Region

Astellas Pharma

"Karen is an icon for Influence and People Skills. Karen was invited to speak at many high-profile business seminars for her professional knowledge and insights – she spoke on Influence 247 at SCCCI's annual SME Conference event in 2015, and the audience was most impressed. As a true blue expert in Influence, Karen is definitely the best person to engage as a keynote speaker. I highly recommend her. "

David Pooi

Head, SHRI Corporation

Singapore Human Resources Institute (SHRI)

"I normally will not last more than a minute in a typical program. Karen's program is an exception. It is exciting and of great value."

Er Tang Tat Twong

Group President and CEO

Jurong International

"Karen's keynote at our inaugral Women's Leadership Network conference was a memorable and uplifting experience for all women leaders"

Linda Meng

Director of Communications

McDonald's Singapore

"Karen has the ability to bring practical actions to the forefront of your thinking. She has enabled many 'ah-ha!' moments.

Jennifer Hewit


Credit Suisse

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