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Eugene Seah

Eugene Seah was a Corporate Zombie for nearly 15 years and finally returned from the dead in late 2013 (when he was retrenched).

Since then he has been actively pursuing his dream to impact lives and is currently a certified NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) Coach, Life Coach, and a leading Personal Branding Coach. He is also the author of the upcoming book “Superbrand Me”. He has been interviewed by various media including TV, radio and the newspapers for his expert views.

Eugene is effectively bilingual in English and Mandarin and has trained major corporations across various industries, including GSK, HP, Sembcorp, AVA, SGH, PwC, GIC, Citibank, Oracle, Sony Mobile, Star Cruises, BHP Billiton, DBS, RBS, ANZ, Mizuho, Western Digital, YKK AP Façade, BMS, etc.

He has also spoken in several cities across Asia, including China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Brunei, and The Maldives.

Eugene’s wealth of experience came from 15 years of working for listed companies and multinationals, leveraging on his branding and marketing strategies to win clients and increase market share. He has extensive experience managing a wide range of communications, including media and investor relations, advertising and marketing, and regional diversity leadership coaching.

Eugene is privileged to have lived and worked in Asia’s two main financial hubs – Singapore and Hong Kong – and managed cross-cultural teams covering Southeast Asia, Japan, Korea, and India. During this time, he was a guest speaker at investment conferences offering advice on communication best practices, and also received the prestigious Gold Award in Investor Relations from The Business Times.

Eugene is a strong advocate for a life of Abundance, and proactively collaborates, connects, and synergizes. He used to view life as a rat race and has changed that metaphor to an adventure.

He founded the fast-growing Trainers Synergy association and actively helps to raise the bar in professional training standards. He is passionate about inspiring the young generation to maximize their potential and volunteers in the SG100 Foundation as the Head of Membership.

To read his inspiring personal story, visit

“I give Eugene 5 out of 5! As the facilitator, Eugene was engaging and kept us motivated throughout the workshop. I really enjoyed it!” – Meike Holzhauer, Talent Lead Marketing, BHP Billiton

"Very very engaging trainer, to an extent that I would say you are one of the best I've encountered so far. You make the atmosphere lovely and enjoyable. The way you guided us through the class is easy to follow." - Rexy, senior process engineer, Western Digital

"From the moment we walked into the training until the last word spoken by Mr. Eugene, his passion to inspire, motivate, and teach leadership was more than apparent. Mr. Eugene is truly a man with rich experience and a personality that draws you in. You walk away knowing you are a different and better person for having completed his course. He gave us a day where we learned more about each other, and of ourselves, than we ever could have imagined." - Frank Huang, HR Manager, Combuilder Pte Ltd

"Eugene has very good experience related to presentation skills and techniques and very engaging with us. The class is very interesting and alive. He is professional and passionate and his materials are very well prepared. I will definitely recommend this course to others." – Lee Khuan Meng, Test Support Manager, Western Digital
“Excellent content and very knowledgeable trainer. Interesting and stimulating. Eugene made everyone feel comfortable, able to contribute, and take something away. Eugene was entertaining, whilst conveying key principles and practical tools.” – Elizabeth Fleury, Head of Events, Symantec
“Eugene is a sincere instructor who shares many of his own life experiences with us during the lesson. I learned a lot from him in these two days, especially on how to communicate better with my colleagues who have different backgrounds and religions from us, as well as to build relationships with the team to enhance our teamwork at the workplace. I’m very thankful for his lessons.” – Peggy, Senior Executive, Dean of Medicine, NUS

“Eugene is an engaging speaker who is able to bring across his points by presenting real-life examples to us. His sense of humor has also created a lighter and more relaxed atmosphere, enabling us to share our views more freely.” – Chee Ling, Manager, Mizuho

"Eugene is simply one of the best trainers I've seen. He is very engaging and motivational and led a very fun and effective workshop. We appreciated the many role-plays, games, and competitions that he created, which provided opportunities for us to practice what we learned. Eugene also provided on-the-spot coaching to each participant to improve our influence techniques.” - May Lyn, Marketing Manager, Sony Mobile

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