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Dr.Frank Hagenow CSP

Leadership without Mind Games
How to Win People with Ethics and Decency.

With his keynote speeches and coaching, Dr. Frank Hagenow supports companies and managers in building long-term trusting relationships with employees and customers and in making the right decisions in difficult situations.
Entrepreneurs and managers who want to be successful in the long run do not need to fall back on mind games. They lead with decency and respect.
How this can work in everyday business life, Dr. Hagenow shows in inspiring keynotes, seminars, and coachings. He provides his audience with the necessary tools, checklists, and tips for a leadership style on the eye-level.

Dr. Frank Hagenow holds a degree in psychology and also studied leisure and tourism sciences in Hamburg, Germany.
As an author and expert on leadership, he has given numerous speeches or workshops for executives as well as accompanied many top managers in his coaching programs. Beyond that, he looks back on his own experiences of many years as a psychological consultant and directing manager.

Dr. Hagenow has the international recognition as Psychologist EuroPsyand was awarded by the National Speakers Association as Certified Speaking Professional – CSP™.
His speeches have also taken him to international venues such as China, Iceland, Singapore, Namibia, Austria, Ireland, Germany, France, Italy, Turkey, Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain, Malaysia and the USA.

Latest Articles


Alarm Signal For Managers: The Trap of Easy Solutions

Published on 07/09/2021 under Leadership, Management

Why every manager should be aware of this pitfall and resist temptation. As long as everything runs satisfactorily in your company or team and the steamer is on course, the crew can cope even without it’s captain. However, as soon as an “iceberg” appears and there is no solution to the problem using their own […]


How to get more sovereignty in 3 steps

Published on 08/08/2019 under Conflict Resolution, Leadership, Management, Personal Development,, Uncategorized

Not only managers are often measured by whether they are able to keep a cool head even in difficult situations. But what if this gets out of hand in the heat of everyday business life? With these 3 steps you will regain the necessary competence. In conflict situations we should deal these conflicts with confidence sovereignty in conflict […]


THE ETHICS COMPASS – How to deal with difficult situations

Published on 06/02/2019 under Conflict Resolution, Leadership, Management

When managers face exceptional decisions, ethical orientation can be helpful.  There are always situations in which you as a manager have to make difficult decisions. This is part of the day-to-day business of people with leadership responsibility and is nothing special for the time being. Sometimes, however, there are exceptional key situations in which you […]


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