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Dr Timothy Errington

"Empowering employee health"

Dr Tim Errington decribes his early years as a journey of learning. With his first degree in surveying and first career in construction engineering, he travelled the world working with the laws of the universe and developing a deep understanding of how things can be built to last.

In his 30's, a chance meeting introduced him to two young Doctors of Chiropractic who changed his life. Realising that all engineering laws must be applied to the human body as well, the principles of chiropractic resonated deeply within him. So he decided to change his direction in life to pursue his 'life's mission'. He moved from the UK to California to attend one of the most prestigious chiropractic universities in the world where he graduated with honours in 2003.

Since that time, Dr Tim has applied his knowledge on three continents and now has an award-winning leading chain of chiropractic wellness clinics in Singapore.

His experience and passion has fuelled his determination to make a difference. Describing himself as a spinal engineer, his background gives him a valuable and unique insight into the behaviour of the human structure as it exists in our gravity environment.

Dr Tim published his first book called 'Posture Matters' in 2015. This has become a best-seller and is seen as the new guidebook to vibrant health, longevity and optimum health.

As well as being a doctor and author, Dr Tim is a speaker on maximising human potential and is determined to raise awareness and educate to help as many as he can from years of failing health and wasted potential.

He is regularly educating the employees of corporate companies and organisations in Singapore and has had the privilege of sharing the stage with some great names at the National Achiever's Conference.

Dr Tim's talks and workshops include:

How to maximise your potential
Posture Matters!
Stress Management
5 Pillars of Health
How to resolve headaches, neck and shoulder pain without medication
How to resolve back pain without drugs and surgery
Correct Sleeping Posture
Sports Injuries/Prevention
Secrets to Total Health
Desk Exercises Workshop
Please contact [email protected] for further information on our talks and corporate wellness solutions.

"Ideas come and ideas go but some will stay forever. Those that express natural laws of the universe are destined to remain for eternity. It's the law."

"Aging isn't about luck or fate. It's a life long process with patterns being created all the way".

"The worsening postures we see in our children and our general population is, without doubt, one of the most underestimated health issues of the modern age".

"We are designed to be far more active than our modern lifestyle demands, and without enough movement, our health suffers terribly."

"You've never seen a stiff, forward-stooping middle-aged or elderly person with vibrant health".

"If you want to improve your competitive edge, improve your posture!"

"The greatest doctor on the planet is the one inside you. I call this your innate".

"Health exists when the body is able to maintain a state of balance and homeostasis. When the body loses its ability to restore natural balance, then this is a state of disease".

"The Chinese use the same word for 'crisis' and 'opportunity'. Why not use any health or medical scare as an opportunity to make healthy changes that will change the course of your life?"

My favourite quote ....

"Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face" .... Mike Tyson

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